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For the last 10 years of refining the art of bespoke travel planning in Crete, we have discovered the island’s biggest secrets. Flexible, luxurious, and authentic to the bone day tours that stimulated and inspired us to travel. Now you can do the same.

Be it vineyards & olive oil farms, local lifestyle & culinary celebrations, ancient Minoan ruins, colossal gorges & adventurous caves, bespoke jeep safari expeditions, idyllic beaches that wait to be uncovered, helicopter escapes, or indulging in luxury cruises. Discover it all without the burden of logistics.

In great collaboration with our Crete private tour guides and professional drivers, we handle all the planning and logistics that will meet your travel aspirations down to the tiniest detail.

Begin your journey from the moment when you get in touch with our award-winning travel designers. They really know their stuff – and what makes travelers tick. Let us tailor the most enchanting Crete day trips and off-the-beaten-path experiences that leave you to have your mind blown.

Trust us when we say that we will craft our itineraries with you in mind. It will be designed by us. Loved by you.


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Crete Private Tours by Snami Travel

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We ensure that our detail-oriented & discerning guests’ experiential travel is unforgettable.

“Together with my father Manolis, we made Snami Travel a leading boutique travel company & DMC in Crete Island and Greece. Our travel designers are the very embodiment of the island. While our private guides are true outdoorsmen with a glint in their eyes and a deep appreciation of their surroundings.

We believe that modern travel luxury is about having personalized time and space. It’s about being able to relax, immersing in off-beat private tours & experiences, and knowing that someone is attending to all the details. This crafting is done with passion through skill, knowledge, relationships, and remarkable connections.

– Ioannis Georgiadis –

one of our founders at Snami Travel was recently named one of the Top Travel Specialists in Crete Island and Greece

Collection of private Crete day trips from Chania & Rethymno

West Crete is a destination for genuine moments and bold adventures.

Using Chania or Rethymno as your base, this extraordinarily diverse region of the island unveils some of the quintessential private tours in Crete out before you.

From the legendary beaches (Balos, Falassarna, Elafonisi, Kedrodasos) to the Old Towns of Chania and Rethymno that still preserve the ancient world’ charm. And of course, hiking in the Samaria Gorge and the White Mountains, village-hopping along with tasting their exquisite Cretan cuisine will immerse you in the authenticity of the famously welcoming locals and their traditions.

Also, keep in mind, Chania is the second-largest wine area, with the foothills of the White Mountains offering excellent vine-growing terrain. Our bespoke Chania jeep safaris are specially designed for this!

Collection of Crete private tours from Elounda & Agios Nikolaos

Eastern Crete is famous for its legendary Spinalonga island fortress, the glamorous Agios Nikolaos with its mythical lake, and Elounda which offers a microcosm of luxury in Greece. But this destination is deeper, as it also offers a feast of local experiences that capture the very soul of the island.

The genuine Cretan Life in the Lassithi Plateau, the mountainous villages that are untouched by time, and the legendary food from local produce. And of course, the dramatic nature that calls to get off the beaten track; to the ancient forests and mount peaks flooding with aromas of wildflowers and the serene hum of the bees.

Our East Crete tour packages are the perfect way to discover it. And once you’ve experienced it, it never fails to become a part of you.

Collection of private Crete day tours from Heraklion

Central Crete carries an extraordinary cultural legacy of the island, 5,000 years in the making.

Let us try to sum up this destination with some keywords.

Bronze Age Palaces of Phaistos and Gortyn, religious paths of Apostle Paul dotted with Ancient Monasteries, and award-winning wineries of Messara Valley (on the lower slopes of the Psiloritis Mountains). Oh, and Knossos Palace wasn’t just the most important center of Minoan civilization, but it was the home of the legendary Minotaur and its labyrinth.

Note: Just make sure you don’t miss the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, to put everything into context.

Sound interesting? Well, let’s introduce you to the best day tours of Heraklion.

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