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Rent a private jet from Crete. Personalized and flexible, as they should be.

Are you looking for a private jet to Crete or a private flight from Crete to other destinations in Greece?

Take advantage of our strong network in the private aviation industry. Whether it’s a light jet or an ultra-long-range jet, our portfolio represents unparalleled levels of design, comfort, and capacity.

At Snami Travel, ​we leverage our long-term partnerships with the leading Greek private jet operators that meet the requirements for leisure and business jet charter flights. And the best part? Our trusted partners are proudly based in Heraklion and Chania of Crete. You can understand that we are here to add the most value to our proposals.

For the last decade, we have aimed to facilitate our boutique travel design in Crete by providing private flight solutions to our clients. Connecting Crete Island with Greece and Europe while boasting state-of-the-art private aircraft, world-class cabin crew, and premium in-flight services.

From Heraklion to the FBO counterparts, enjoy Snami Travel’s exclusive booking amenities. Expect bespoke services, a Europe-wide network of VIP lounges, and personalized cabin amenities to ensure a seamless journey.

For our leading private jet rental services from take-off to land, we endeavor to uphold high standards of customer satisfaction. No detail is too small, and no request too particular, as we strive to ensure the excellence of your Greece luxury holidays with us.

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Crete Private Jets by Snami Travel

Choose a private plane to Greece from our wide variety of private jets, based in one out of three airports on Crete, and let us get the best deal for you.

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Enjoy our exclusive booking benefits.

“Our jet charter flight services are enriched with high-end amenities, in-flight fine dining, and personalized assistance from airport to airport.

Satisfied and Loyal clients. This is what gets us out of bed every morning.”

– Ioannis Georgiadis –

one of our founders at Snami Travel was recently named one of the Top Travel Specialists in Crete Island and Greece

Charter private jets from Crete deals by Snami Travel

Our commercial benefit is that we don’t offer a fixed price per hour but all-inclusive offers that include the aircraft costs, landing and parking fees, and taxes.

But most importantly, we offer our clients competitive deals with potential positioning and repositioning of the Crete-based private planes in one out of three airports on Crete. Whether you are flying domestically or internationally, eliminating the private jet charter empty legs.

Your luxury jet in-flight dining experience

From earth to air, we love the art of fine dining and celebrate Greek culinary tastes.

Together with our brilliant chefs and catering company partners, we are persuading the quintessential excellence for your in-flight menu. The result? We create a bespoke culinary experience by bringing the luxury and refinement of fine dining to the new on your private jet rental service.

Exclusive VIP Lounges for a seamless private jet flight comfort

Our exclusive access to the VIP Lounge in Heraklion Airport boasts state-of-the-art amenities and personalized travel concierge services. Our trusted partners will create a comforting and memorable home base for your Mediterranean private jet flights.

We are also connected to a fixed base operation (FBO) network of VIP lounges throughout Europe, meaning that every airport of call is a continuation of your in-flight experience.  We aim for never-ending in-flight luxury!

VIP ground handling services

For the last decade of selectively expanding our network, we have established collaborations with industry-leading ground-handling partners by ensuring the smooth transition of our clients.  

Before taking off to after touchdown, from airport to airport, city to city. Receive VIP treatment with safe airport transit, ticketing, personalized baggage handling, and bespoke concierge services.

We manage private jet charters in Greece in a personalized and flexible style, as they should be.

C Airports: no exotic destination is too remote for Snami Travel

Wouldn’t it be idyllic to have Heraklion airport as your base, and stay connected to the most enchanting destinations in Europe; from Mykonos to Madeira, London City to Lugano? Well, you guessed right, we have solutions for that.

With strategic partners, our private jet charter flights are connected to a worldwide network of category C airports. Access to category C airports is exclusive and rare, usually due to the particularities of the natural scenery. For this reason, we are proud to offer this unique service to our valuable clients.

Note: category C airports, like Innsbruck in Austria, are utilized for luxury private jet charter flights. Located in urban centers or remote environments, these short-runway airports require skilled navigation, technical landing schemes, and proficient pilots.

It is not just a sense of privacy and convenience these airports offer. They represent a gateway to hard-to-reach destinations, inaccessible to the average commercial pilot.

Our high-end network is strongly based on private aviation services and eclectic pilots. Therefore, we offer bespoke private jet charter down paths less traveled. Whether you seek to fly to an urban metropolis or the volcanic fields of Santorini, we got you covered.

Private jet types

“Top-of-the-range, state-of-the-art”, let’s start with this specification.

From light jets and midsize jets to ultra-long-range jets to turboprop jets, we represent only the finest private jet charters in Greece with the best deals in the market.

Our private jet rental advisor will be your main point of communication, before and during the flight, someone whom you can reach practically at a moment’s notice.

Together, we will make your private jet Greece service personalized and flexible. You deserve to fly in style.

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Private Jet Charter Crete by Snami Travel

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