Helicopter Transfer Services in Crete Greece

Helicopter Transfer Crete Greece


Imagine the moment when you are finally in Crete. Luxuriating in your deserved Greek island holidays with your friends, spouse or family. You definitely want to experience the most of every moment and encounter quintessential getaways around. But without losing your valuable time on the ground transfers and complicated arrangements.

Undeniably, helicopter transportation is the most attractive solution to fly privately to your idyllic destination in the minimum time. Our award-winning travel designers are here for you to assist with our strong expertise in private flight services.

As a leading luxury travel agency in Crete, we cooperate with handpicked private helicopter companies based in Greece. Having the highest safety standards that fulfill all national & European regulations. Along with flight operation (AOC), Part 145 maintenance center, and flight academy. We guarantee the best private helicopter charter services and air taxis experience by ensuring safety, speed and comfort.

Whether your private charter helicopter is to a paradise sandy beach, an iconic city, Greek island flights or even helicopter airport transfer to your hotel or villa. Spoil yourself with stress-free and impeccable private air charter service. By flying a helicopter at your pace and thus saving precious time.

We aim to provide our travelers with the best Crete helicopter taxi service fully tailored to their expectations.

What Our Transfer Helicopter Service from Crete Include

  • Charter helicopter bespoke booking service by expert travel designers
  • Best available rates & booking conditions for your air taxis with private helicopter rides from Crete
  • Helicopter pickup or drop off from airports in Greece with ground travel concierge assistance
  • Helicopter pickup or drop off from your hotel, villa or designated landing spots
  • All necessary equipment for your private helicopter service
  • Chauffeured premium Mercedes-Benz vehicle to your helicopter ground helipad (if needed)
  • 24/7 travel concierge support & exclusive benefits for your VIP helicopter charter Greece services

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Helicopter Transportation Services From Crete by Snami Travel

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Transport Helicopter Services From Crete: Routes & Helicopter Flight Time

With our dedicated 24/7 support and a brilliant private pilot at your disposal, fly a helicopter in absolute comfort and style. Luxuriate along sun-kissed golden shores, sapphire blue waters, and ancient wonders. Touch down in your aspired destinations in Crete and Greece.

Let us inspire you with our helicopter transport destinations from Hersonissos and Elounda of Crete.

From Chersonissos BaseCharter Flights toRemarksOne-Way Helicopter Flight timeCost from
one-way private helicopter transport
Gavdos Islandor vice versa45 minutes€ 2 950
one-way private helicopter transport
Santorinior vice versa45 minutes€ 3 030
one-way private helicopter transport
Athens Airportor vice versa105 minutes€ 7 710
one-way private helicopter transport
Mykonosor vice versa80 minutes€ 5 860
one-way private helicopter transport
Rhodes Airportor vice versa95 minutes€ 6 850
one-way private helicopter transport
Chania Airportor vice versa40 minutes€ 3 170

From Elounda Hotels Charter Flights toRemarksOne-Way Helicopter Flight TimeCost from
one-way private helicopter transportHeraklion Airportor vice versa20 minutes€ 1 600
one-way private helicopter transportSantorinior vice versa45 minutes€ 3 500
one-way private helicopter transportAthens Airportor vice versa110 minutes€ 8 360
one-way private helicopter transportMykonosor vice versa80 minutes€ 6 350
one-way private helicopter transportRhodes Airportor vice versa85 minutes€ 6 960
one-way private helicopter transportChania Airportor vice versa50 minutes€ 3 970

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Inspire Me With More Air Transport Helicopter Ideas: Combine Crete With Your Dream Islands

Have you ever come across a picture of Milos, Folegandros, Koufonisi, and other Greek islands that made you want to visit Greece?

Now it is the perfect moment when you should plan your helicopter for transportation. Combine Crete with other iconic destinations in Greece. Let our travel designers inspire you with immersing island-hopping ideas with bespoke landings of your dreams.

One-Way Air Taxi Helicopter
from Crete to Milos
from Crete to Paros
from Crete to Folegandros
from Crete to Andros
from Crete to Koufonisi
from Crete to Tinos
from Crete to Sifnos
from Crete to Patmos
from Crete to Zakynthos
from Crete to Costa Navarino
from Crete to Antiparos
from Crete to Porto Cheli
from Crete to Astypalaia
from Crete to Anafi

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Helicopter Transportation Services From Crete: Personalized For You

We leverage the exceptional relationships that we trust with the best private flight companies in Greece. So to ensure the flight private experience of our detail-oriented and discerning travelers is unparalleled.

Succumb to an end-to-end bespoke helicopter shuttle service from the get-go:

Planning Your Helicopter Flight

Start your bespoke charter a helicopter experience from the moment when you get in touch with our award-winning travel designers.

We are on hand to refine your flight transportation service until it’s perfect with all these small details that make the difference.

Upon Your Arrival: Helicopter Airport Transfer

If you arrive at an airport in Greece via airliner or private jet, you will be picked up directly at the chopper. Or at the entrance of the arrival hall with a sign from our handling concierge agent. You will be supported with your luggage and escorted to the general aviation terminal, where your helicopter will be waiting to take off.

If your helicopter flight transport goes to a hotel or villa, our travel concierge agents will arrange the helicopter pickup with the property directly, so you don’t have to take care of this.

Before Your Take-Off

Whether you are picked from the airport, hotel, villa or any other location, our travel concierge expert and your private helicopter pilot will store your luggage gently and make sure that you are in absolute comfort before your private helicopter flight.

Touch Down Anywhere in Greece From Crete

Luxuriate in your bespoke flight transfers with private helicopters at the comfiest and stress-free pace. As we cooperate almost for 10 years with the best Greece luxury hotels, premium villas, and venues that have private helipads or designated landing spots.

Even in the most unusual chopper flight aspirations, we can propose alternative landing spots that follow certain HCAA regulations. All in all, to deliver for you full personalized air transport services in Greece.

Upon Your Departure: Helicopter to Airport

In most cases, we receive helicopter slots flexibly. By delivering a fully tailored to your rhythm helicopter to airport service.

Upon your landing at the airport, our handling concierge agent will pick you up from the helicopter and assist you with the luggage.

If you have a connection flight by airplane, our handling concierge agent will escort and support you with the check-in procedures.

Note about the pets: Pets are allowed in heli taxi flight services, but they should be accompanied by valid health and vaccination certificates. Throughout the helicopter travel duration, they should be at a specially arranged place for them.

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Types of Helicopters For The Flights From Crete

Each year we facilitate our portfolio of aircraft with the best helicopter charter companies based in Greece.

Our aim is to provide our travelers with access to first-class types of helicopters. By including models of Agusta, Airbus Eurocopters, Robinson and Bell private helicopters.

Airbus H135 Helicopter

Up to 6 Passengers + 1 Pilot

Airbus Helicopter EC135 is well known for its high performance, and it is one of the quietest helicopters in its class. Low noise and vibration levels ensure the quietest and comfortable private air charter flights.

Twin Turbine Engine Helicopter | Air Conditioned | Cruising Speed 130 Kts | Range 330 Nm | Endurance of Approximately 2,5 Hours | Air-Conditioned | Baggage Capacity: 1.00m³ (35.32ft³)

Airbus H130 Helicopter

Up to 6 Passengers + 1 Pilot

The Eurocopter EC130, now Airbus Helicopters H130, is a single-engine light utility rotorcraft. The H130 was designed in close cooperation with tour operators. And it has been described as having excellent external visibility during the private flight experience.

Single Engine Helicopter | Turbine Engine | Cruising Speed 110 Kts | Range 380 Nm | Endurance of Approximately 2,5 Hours | Air-Conditioned

Airbus AS355 Helicopter

Up to 5 Passengers + 1 Pilot

The Airbus Helicopter AS355 is a well-known and reliable rotorcraft worldwide. It offers a high level of safety and a comfortable way of charter air service.

Twin Engine Helicopter | Turbine Engines | Cruising Speed 120 Kts | Range 380 Nm | Endurance of Approximately 2,5 Hours

Airbus H125 Helicopter

Up to 5 Passengers + 1 Pilot

The Airbus Helicopter AS350 is one more well-known and reliable helicopter around the globe. This is the ideal rotorcraft for any kind of private helicopter transport.

Single Engine Helicopter | Turbine Engine | Cruising Speed 120 Kts | Range 380 Nm | Endurance of Approximately 3 Hours | Baggage Capacity:  1 m³ (35.3 ft³)

Airbus H120 Helicopter

Up to 4 Passengers + 1 Pilot

The EC120B Colibri is a 5-seat, single-engine turbine helicopter. The design of the Colibri’s wide cabin makes it suitable for private helicopter service in tourism. In addition, the Airbus H-120 has a surprisingly spacious baggage compartment, holding up to five standard suitcases.

Light Single Engine Helicopter | Cruising Speed 105 kts | Range 370 Nm | Baggage Capacity: 0.90m³ (31.8ft³)

Robinson R66 SX-HDZ Helicopter

Up to 4 Passengers + 1 Pilot

The Robinson R66 is a single-engine turbine, glass-cockpit helicopter equipped with air-conditioning. Designed and built by Robinson Helicopter Company. It is powered by a Rolls-Royce RR300 turboshaft engine. The R66 is slightly faster and smoother than the Robinson R44, and it is ideal for private air charter services in Greece. 

Single Engine Helicopter | Piston Engine | Cruising Speed 110 Kts | Range 290nm Nm | Baggage Capacity: 6 soft bags or 3 medium suitcases of 80kg in total

Robinson R44 Helicopter

Up to 3 Passengers + 1 Pilot

The Robinson Helicopter R44 is a small and very cost-efficient chopper due to its piston engine. This is the most preferable air transport helicopter in tourism. R44s have low environmental impact and performance that allow landing and take-off areas where other rotorcraft cannot have access.

Single Engine Helicopter | Piston Engine | Cruising Speed 110 Kts | Range 300 Nm | Limited Luggage Capacity

Bell 407 Helicopter

Up to 6 Passengers + 1 Pilot

The Bell 407 is a four-blade, single-engine turbine rotorcraft. The blades and hub use composite construction and provide better performance and a more comfortable ride. The interior and seating configuration is designed in a way to provide luxurious, very quiet, and smooth private helicopters rides in virtually all weather conditions.

Single Turbine | Cruise Speed 130 kts | Range 392 nm | Air-Conditioned | Baggage Capacity: 45m³ (16ft³)

Agusta A109C Helicopter

Up to 7 Passengers + 1 Pilot

Leonardo A109 C, formally named as Agusta 109C, is a twin-engine helicopter with a luxurious interior and retractable landing gear. With its streamlined design and powerful engines, it will take you to your destination in the comfiest Greece air charter flights.

Twin Engine Helicopter | 2 x Allison Model 250-C20R-1 Turboshaft Engines | Up to 7 Passengers | Cruise Speed 140 kts | Range 300 nm | Air-Conditioned | Baggage Capacity: 93m³ (33ft³)

Agusta Westland AW139

Up to 10 Passengers + 1 Pilot

The AW139 surpasses all other intermediate helicopters in terms of cabin flexibility, safety, speed and comfort. A unique combination of craftsmanship and the latest technology, the rotorcraft redefines the paradigm of helicopter flight service in Greece.

Twin Engine Helicopter | Engine type: Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 | Cruise Speed 306 km/h | Range 1,061 km | Baggage Capacity: 93m³ (33ft³)

Agusta A109K2

Up to 7 Passengers + 1 Pilot

Leonardo AW109 is a lightweight twin-engine rotorcraft, known for its speed, elegant appearance and ease of control. An ideal solution for charter a helicopter aspiration in Greece.

Light Twin Engine Helicopter | Cruise Speed 130 kts | Range 503 nm | Baggage Capacity: 95m³ (33.5ft³)

Charter a flight from Crete with your preferred types of helicopters

Helicopter Transfer Crete: Required Procedure to Charter a Flight

As with any private charter services, for security reasons you have bring your passport with you even if you don’t take off or land at an airport in Greece. In addition, to finalize your charter helicopter booking we will need the following information:

  • Passengers’ names with their actual weight
  • Passengers’ ID/passport Copies
  • Number and weight of baggage

If your flight starts from outside a Greek airport you are requested to be at your transport helicopter at least 10 minutes before the helicopter private take-off time.

If your flight starts from a Greek airport you are requested to be at the airport at least 20 minutes before the helicopter private take-off time.

Keep all documents with you when boarding your helicopter transport as you will need to present them to your pilot.

Your Helicopter Transfer Crete: Luggage Allowance

Upon the booking of your air transport with helicopter from Crete, you will be requested to consider a specific luggage allowance policy.

Each passenger should carry one medium-sized bag. The size and weight of the bag should not exceed 15-20 kg.

You should refrain from carrying a hard case carry bag to the chopper as soft luggage is more practical for air helicopter transportation.

How to Book a Helicopter Flight With Air Taxi Helicopter From Crete

  • The cogs to charter airflights to Crete Greece with private helicopters start turning as soon as you hit send at our contact form. Or the red button of our online chat on the below right corner of the website.
  • You can also get in touch with us via email at [email protected] or our 24/7 mobile +30 698 70 97 639 (WhatsApp).
  • Let us know your air helicopter taxi service aspirations, the exact number of people in your group, and the preferred date(s).
  • One of our travel designers will be in touch with an initial proposal including our helicopter rides from Crete options and quotes.
  • Nothing you see here is set in stone. In case of any tailor-made private air service detail adjustments, we will refine your helicopter flights from Crete together until it’s perfect for you.
  • Once the booking is confirmed, we will provide you with payment options & booking terms to finalize the reservation of your helicopter flight transfers from Crete.

Crete Private Charter Helicopter Services FAQ


Helicopter Taxi Flight Services From Crete by Snami Travel

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