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Luxury Culinary Journey to Lassithi Plateau. Land of Gods & Food Artistry.

Lassithi Plateau

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Tasting Notes of East Crete

Shaped by Myths. Celebrated by Flavors.


From the Minoan times, Lassithi Plateau is the earth of fertility and love for food. A rich Cretan land to remind us of just how satisfying it is to source and cook your own ingredients. It’s why we love this Crete culinary tour.


We want to take you away from the crowded places of countless Instagram posts to the island’s most untouched escapes where time has slowed down and history persists. That is why our Travel Experts have designed this culinary adventure for lovers of authentic gastronomy, art, and mythic landscapes.


Shaken and stirred with a Snami Travel twist, this luxury trip will take you through the charming and often forgotten country of Lassithi, across small villages, emblematic Windmills of Selí Ambélou, and the Plateau’s spectacular views.


In the late afternoon, find yourself at a Cretan house that was built next to the Cave of Zeus on the ancient ruins that still exude timeless energy. Here you will meet the chef-owner of Mansion Halavro (means playground among archaic ruins) who will indulge you in the artistic pleasures of unparalleled Cretan cuisine. Oh, and don’t forget to ask to sample his mouthwatering delicacies and family wine collection.


Itinerary Highlights

  • Venture to the heart of Lassithi Plateau with a knowledgeable Crete private guide and engage with local people and archaic traditions
  • Make a stop at the historic village of Krasi and the Monastery of Panagia Kera Kardiotissa
  • Ask your local insider guide also to visit a family ceramics workshop
  • Dine and wine with a cooking class demonstration at a Cretan house next to the Cave of Zeus (Diktaion Andron) with spectacular views


Inspired by our Crete gourmet tour? Let’s put the authentic island cuisine on a plate.


Scroll down to learn more about this Crete food tasting experience and prepare to make memories you’ll want to share – for all the right reasons.


Luxury Crete Food Tour by Snami Travel

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“We've created a mind-blowing Cretan gastronomy experience in Lassithi Plateau. An idyllic destination to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship among recipes, people, and traditions. It is easy to realize why this land was beloved by the Minoans. This is an Odyssey of Crete’s Culinary Past & Future.”

– Ioannis Georgiadis, one of our founders at Snami Travel, was recently named one of the Top Travel Specialists in Crete island and Greece -


In the Footsteps of Xenios Zeus: A Culinary & Cultural Discovery of Lassithi Plateau Route

Lassithi Plateau isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling. You don’t just read Cristoforo Buondelmonti’s description of his time in Lassithi, you feel it – warmth lingering in the evening air, the scent of honey, aromatic olive groves, the harvest, spectacular climate, the contrast of bitter coffee and sweet strawberries.


As we journey you from the sun-kissed shores to the heavenly mountainous scenes to realize the grand feast of Cretan nature, you will be engaged from the very first moment with the locals’ balmy warmth, ancient ruins, and fertile earth.


For adventurous gourmands, this is a culinary journey like no other; to reconnect with nature and archaic traditions as this land preserves the glamour of days past.


Let’s Put the Authentic Cretan Cuisine on a Plate

Our brilliant Crete guide will take you to the foothills of the Dikti Mountains where the Halavro Manor House was built in 1970 with the stones from the Diktaion Andron, the Minoan sacred birthplace of Zeus.


Here we have teamed up with the Cretan chef Nikiforos Gerakakis who still uses in-depth knowledge of the island’s food; from modern dishes to ancient flavors beloved by our forefathers with locally grown produce of vegetables, cheese, meat, fruit, and wines of Crete.


Expect a warm welcome and a hearty dining experience. With a partake in a private cooking class demonstration with the local chef by discovering the celebrated culinary styles of this majestic island and exploring the flavors of authentic recipes in the family’s old kitchen.


For the moments that matter, enjoy a table with sublime views of the Plateau as the evening time makes this ancient sacred place a heaven on earth.


Ready for your Crete gastronomy tour? Let’s open new tastes. Spark your senses.


Private Crete Culinary Tour by Snami Travel

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Explore Lassithi Plateau on a private Crete gastronomy tour and learn to prepare traditional Cretan dishes with local products. Enjoy a table with spectacular Plateau views – at the Halavro Mansion of Nikiforos Gerakakis. This is only a taster of what to expect.

Do not forget to bring along

Comfortable shoes in case you want to hike to the cave of Zeus


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