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Unique villas Crete. Somewhere only we know.

Privacy, idyllic island connection – and a deep draught of the Mediterranean oceanic sublime. A proper Grecian escape should feel like you’ve stumbled across a deeply buried secret in the sand.

For us, Crete, an island that spans 260 km (160 mi) from East to West, does it better than anywhere else. That is why our Travel Designers take Crete villa rentals seriously.

Over the years, we’ve researched and built strong, personal relationships with the owners of amazing villas in Crete among the island’s most enchanting destinations. And we are constantly monitoring the best villas in Crete that are planned to be constructed soon. Meaning? You’ll always get the best of the best.

Let us take you there, region by region, in the blink of an eye.


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Crete Luxury Villas by Snami Travel

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Elounda & Plaka villas: escape into the Mirabello luxuries

A Mediterranean paradise with rich culture and a gentle gulf climate. The perfect day in the Mirabello Gulf starts with a private sailboat cruise around the Spinalonga Fortress to a sunrise breakfast picnic and ends with soothing live music at sunset whilst snuggled within your cozy beachfront cabana. Not to mention the delicious waterfront family taverns in the village of Plaka that will spoil with their fresh fish catch. 

Our top 4 picks for holiday villas in Elounda Crete:

Villa The One

Guests 10 | Bedrooms 5 | Bathrooms 6 | Pools 1

Set just moments from a private beach, with a glistening private pool as the dazzling jewel in this home’s crown, elegantly finessed outdoor spaces, romantic balconies with billowing draped curtains, and chic cloistered dining verandas. The gardens are framed by luscious foliage, vivid flowering plants, and indulgent day beds dotted around the pool. This is your top pick for luxury beachfront villas Crete.

Villa The View

Guests 12 | Bedrooms 5 + Guesthouse | Bathrooms 6 | Pools 1

One of our favorite Elounda villas with private pools with its waterfront location, Villa The View provides its guests with panoramic views over the Mediterranean Sea, including Spinalonga Island. The property is situated on a spacious plot and offers accommodation for large families or groups of friends.

Villa Callahan

Guests 16 | Bedrooms 8 | Bathrooms 9 | Pools 1

Villa Callahan is a majestic estate exuding classical elegance throughout its grandiose interior spaces of 2000m2. Utterly private and stunning, this villa is the crown jewel of Elounda. If you are in search of large villas in Crete this is your top selection.

Villa Mimaze

Guests 11 | Bedrooms 5 | Bathrooms 5 | Pools 1

Iconic in its architecture and style, Villa Mimaze is synonymous with luxury attention to detail and ready for you to enjoy unforgettable moments during your stay in Elounda.

Our top 2 picks for villas in Plaka Elounda Crete:

Villa Orea Elounda

Guests 10 | Bedrooms 5 | Bathrooms 5 | Pools 1

A state-of-the-art holiday villa to escape in a typical Cycladic style that inspires long days and nights in the Aegean breeze perched on a sleepy hillside in the outskirts of Elounda, offering an endless vista of the ocean and immersing its guests in the most picturesque Greek scenery you can dream of in Crete.

Villa Dimitra Elounda

Guests 10 | Bedrooms 5 | Bathrooms 6 | Pools 1

Extravagant eco-chic holiday villa to rent in Elounda Crete with Ocean Views and a private beach, featuring an architectural jewel, overlooking the historical Spinalonga and nearby Elounda, Crete’s top resort for luxury-loving celebrities.

Quintessential villas in Agios Nikolaos & Lassithi areas

Gifted with extraordinary natural beauty and a bottomless lake, Agios Nikolaos offers visitors a generous slice of Crete at its most alluring. If you’re looking for a touch of paradise, with glamour and five-star service in Crete, the picturesque main town Agios Nikolaos and its surrounding areas offer a microcosm of luxury in Greece. 

Our top 3 picks for luxury villas Agios Nikolaos Crete and nearby destinations:

The Sand Villa

Guests 10 | Bedrooms 5 | Bathrooms 5 | Pools 2

Luxury and comfort in a secluded natural setting define life at The Sand Villa. The complex comprises two stunning villas located on the tranquil coast of Almyros beach in Agios Nikolaos. “Rock Sand” and “White Sand Villa” can be transformed into “The Sand Villa”.

Villa Pure C

Guests 12 | Bedrooms 6 | Bathrooms 3/6 | Pools 2

The absolute meaning of Crete luxury villas for rent. The concept of this one-of-a-kind property revolves around its location, views, construction details, and quality. The design of the interior spaces also includes a hint of the Minoan culture. Its namesake feature stands for Sea, Comfort, Crete, and Concrete: the quintessential elements that put it together.

Nuez Villas

Guests 14 | Bedrooms 6 | Bathrooms 6 | Pools 2

Villas Nuez is two independent spacious houses tucked amidst a piece of land in a lush beautiful garden, descending towards the sea & overlooking the charming bay of Mochlos village. This estate is undoubtedly marked in the category of private villas in Crete in unique areas.

Heraklion villas: in the footsteps of Minoans & ancient pleasures of Crete

There’s something for everyone in this crowd-pleasing Greek odyssey. At its heart is an exploration of Crete’s glorious past: the archaeological marvels of the Palace of Knossos in the North or the Bronze Age Palaces of Phaistos and Gortyn in the South, and a private hike to the mythical cave of Zeus. Beyond? Some beachside relaxation on the bohemian shores of Matala and award-winning family wineries will introduce you to downtime, Cretan style. And these are just a few stories from a plethora of adventures that you are about to experience in Heraklion and its nearby regions.

Our top 3 picks for Heraklion luxury villas:

Hyperion Luxury Villa Heraklion

Guests 14 | Bedrooms 7 | Bathrooms 9 | Pools 1

Hyperion Villa is a newly built (2020), private, luxury 7- bedroom home with an outdoor infinity pool, SPA & waterfall as well as a fire pit area and a panoramic sea view overlooking the Cretan Sea with its fantastic sunsets – a true feast for the eyes and a good selection for family villas Crete.

Villa Octo

Guests 6 | Bedrooms 3 | Bathrooms 2 | Pools 1

An earthy heaven for couples or families seeking a private & peaceful luxury retreat. Villa Octo is a newly designed, eco-friendly villa of 195 sq.m located on a bay overlooking the city. This is an idyllic option for holiday villas in Crete with private pool in combination with melting sunset views.

Fotini Residence

Guests 11 | Bedrooms 4 | Bathrooms 5 | Pools 1

Fotini Residence is a perfect luxury stay for adults and families demanding luxury. The villa offers excellent privacy due to its location whilst still in the highly active touristic area. The villa can ideally host an event due to its large landscaped grounds. The villa also offers a separate studio which is accessible and has an outdoor path to access the main level of the villa.

Our top 2 picks for holiday villas in Hersonissos Crete:

Casa Tequiero Villa

Guests 10 | Bedrooms 4 | Bathrooms 3 + WC | Pools 1

An exquisite Cretan Gem, with a private Heated 50 sq.m infinity pool, Casa Tequiero emerges from a storyline of timeless elegance, with rare access only for the privileged few.

KYMO Instyle Villa

Guests 6 | Bedrooms 3 | Bathrooms 2 | Pools 1

Immerse into the serenity of Crete and experience a concept of sophisticated and stylish accommodation in Heraklion at the brand-new KYMO Instyle Villa. From the stylish interior, the breathtaking outdoors, and the infinite view to the luxurious pool and jacuzzi, KYMO Instyle Villa is a true Cretan gem.

Dive into the six senses of Rethymno villas

Welcome to a destination where the morning view from your villa and the island connection sparks all of your senses.

Sun, sea, food, and dramatic nature (a lot of it). More than just the sum of its parts, Rethymno is the perfect place to get lost in history, mouth-watering food, and sandy shorelines. Combining history and modern luxury, Rethymno is a rare combination of the two, this destination is now a melting pot of old and new.

Our top 5 picks for your villa Rethymno:

Amphi Exclusive Residence

Guests 16 | Bedrooms 10 | Bathrooms 11 | Pools 1

If you are dreaming about holiday villas in Crete with private pool and direct access to a beach then this is your property. Perfect for family-led forays and well-being retreat breaks, but also for large groups that wish to cherish each other’s company while being pampered by some of the best views the area has to offer. With its ample outdoor areas, deluxe amenities, and comfortable indoor spaces, this property is the epitome of summer indulgence.

Hermes Beachfront Villa

Guests 18 | Bedrooms 9 | Bathrooms 10 | Pools 2

With access to your sandy beach within just five meters of walking, with a private Gazebo & loungers, and far-away views, this home is unique and carefully designed, offering a spectacular island sanctuary where loved ones can gather in supreme comfort.

Villa Lygia

Guests 12 | Bedrooms 5 | Bathrooms 4 + WC | Pools 1

Nothing says total seclusion like your own private beach. Villa Lygia is “neighbored” only by the Mediterranean sea. The property is surrounded by a 3500 sqm plot located on the waterfront, allowing for your private palm tree-lined beach and dock.

Orizontes Deluxe Residence

Guests 8 | Bedrooms 4 | Bathrooms 4 | Pools 2

Orizontes Deluxe Residence promises a one-of-a-kind accommodation experience in a high architectural and aesthetic aspirations property, which combines luxury, privacy, serenity, and a magnificent view, all in one. A top selection for luxury Crete villas with private pools.

White Grace Villa Rethymno

Guests 10 | Bedrooms 5 | Bathrooms 4 + WC | Pools 1

Resting in a wondrous cliffside in the heart of north Crete, White Grace draws world travelers into a seductive realm of sensuous pleasures. A realm of unpretentious class and style, seamlessly blending the elements of Cretan tradition with the clean white lines of Minimal grace, the miraculous azure of the Aegean Sea, and the notion of chic barefoot luxury.

Barefoot luxury villas Chania

Are you already imagining yourself on the silken pink sands of Balos and Elafonisi, on evening walks in the romantic old town of Chania, and in your own Chania villa with pool? Well, we took good care of our unique villas Chania collection. Throw your watches away. Put your phone on silent. Get castaway.

Our top 8 picks for your luxury holiday villas in Chania Crete:

Cavo Dago Villa Chania

Guests 12 | Bedrooms 6 | Bathrooms 7 + 1 WC | Pools 2

A villa of exceptional high design and quality, Cavo Dago allows for both social gatherings and personal space with choices of seating areas both inside and outside the house and a range of activities to keep your whole party occupied. With two private swimming pools, a private spa, a gym, in house chef, and a daily maid and concierge service available, Cavo Dago embodies the ultimate villa rental Crete Chania.

Villa Terra Creta Chania

Guests 10 | Bedrooms 5 | Bathrooms 6 | Pools 1

Villa Terra Creta consists of the epitome of elegance that flows throughout the indoor and outdoor living space making it the perfect choice for a luxury villa in Crete with pool. In the age of hotel concept, this villa combines designer lounges, a presidential suite, gym & spa facilities, and outstanding premises you would come to expect from a 5-star hotel.

Elements Villa Chania

Guests 16 | Bedrooms 8 | Bathrooms 8 + 2 WC | Pools 1

Elements Villa is a brand new, luxurious estate of contemporary design, which allows you to get in contact with the four elements of water, air, earth and fire, as its name suggests. Its unique design is ideal for an intergenerational family holiday, as it allows autonomy while mutually benefiting from proximity, ideal for large groups and families.

Villa Imperial Chania

Guests 12 | Bedrooms 6 | Bathrooms 6 + 1 WC | Pools 1

Inspired by the Regency style, the interiors of Villa Imperial have subtle accents of brass and gold. The perfect setting for a seaside escape just for you and your loved ones to enjoy, combined with mesmerizing sea views and absolute privacy.

Villa Saint Antoine

Guests 10 | Bedrooms 5 | Bathrooms 8 | Pools 1

Located on a hill overlooking Souda bay, Villa Saint Antoine is a luxurious residence offering ample ways to relax among the surrounding nature and its numerous facilities. The Villa is positioned to take advantage of panoramic views of the sea and surrounding mountains while also offering privacy and delivering peace and tranquility.

Villa Paul’s Mansion

Guests 12 | Bedrooms 5 | Bathrooms 5 | Pools 1

Epic & spectacular in every way vacation villa offers sensational blue sea and mountain vistas from the edge of a secluded hill-top with a stylish finish, white interiors, and sleek exterior spaces, also capable of hosting memorable wedding events.

Villa Oleander Chania

Guests 14 | Bedrooms 7 | Bathrooms 4 | Pools 1

Villa Oleander is situated in a hilltop countryside location very close to the sea and the town. With its generous spaces, wonderful amenities, and multifaceted character amiable to all ages, this property is an ideal choice for big family gatherings or larger groups looking to enjoy a memorable summer experience.

Villa Regal Residence

Guests 10 | Bedrooms 5 | Bathrooms 5 + 1 WC | Pools 1

Nuzzled in a privileged hilltop location, Regal Residence is one of the few rent villa Chania that enjoys unobstructed panoramic views, overlooking the city and bay of Chania. Feel the calmness of the lush green forest around you, gaze at the sunset, and have the vacation you always dreamt about, while being very close to Chania town and all daily amenities at the same time.

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Whenever you plan a trip with us, you’re also getting the knowledge and insight of travel planners who are seriously at the top of their game, and access to experiences that are, quite simply, remarkable. Better yet, our entire purpose is to share it all with you, our travelers.

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