Amazing Cretan Beaches – Agios Pavlos Beach Crete

Agios Pavlos beach (Ayios Pavlos) next to the coastal village of Agios Pavlos (St. Paul) is located 58km south of Rethymnon city, west of Agia Galini. But this amazing Cretan beach is famous for its Agios Pavlos sand dunes beach attraction. To be more accurate with the name of this sand-hill beach, we are talking about Melissa Cape Sandhills 



We include this amazing beach attraction in our private tours from Chania or Rethymno in order to acquaint our travelers with Crete beach’s best-kept secrets. It is truly a stunning escape to experience the authenticity and unique landscape of the island. The recommend hour to visit is the late afternoon just to witness the South Cretan melting sunset in a chic bohemian luxury.



Tailor-made experience

Melissa Cape sandhills, perhaps the most beautiful beach of prefecture Rethymnon, is a fantastic bay in a wild and breathtaking scenic landscape with enormous sandhills. There are a few umbrellas (that’s all!), but you can find shade in the rocky caves shaped in the middle of the beach. Moreover, given its large size, the beach never seems busy and you can easily stay nude even in peak season. The beach has rich seabed and is ideal for snorkeling.


Thus, we highly recommend organizing a Cretan picnic or a luxury wild camp that will be organized by our professional travel planners. You will be provided with all the comfort services and convenience. Undoubtedly, this experience will spark your senses and allow you to bank unique memories with your beloved ones



Interesting ideas

The sunset of this Southern Cretan area is stunning and the peaceful atmosphere has attracted a very good club of yoga and Tai Chi, with some of the best trainers around the globe. The best sunset can be viewed from peak Thronos, directly above the beach (some 300m high, vertical cliffs).