“We spent three 3 weeks in Greek paradises.” Actor Matthew McConaughey said at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Greece is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations with visitors from all over the world. So many Hollywood stars choose Greece to make their own summer holidays.


Matthew McConaughey was one of the Hollywood stars who chose this year to visit Greece. He first visited Mykonos after the island Antiparos and then made a passage from other Aegean islands.


The actor was invited to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where they talked about his next professional plans. They also talked about the summer vacation of the star in Greece, where he highlighted the country as a true paradise.


Matthew McConaughey initially planned to stay in Greece for 2 weeks. But he was so enchanted by the beauty and hospitality of the country that he decided to extend his stay for another week.


“The sea does not bite, the air does not bite,  the land does not bite, people love family and behave to elderly women, like my mother, like queens,” said the actor enthralled.