Tailor-made Greek Holidays – Another Dimension Of Luxury Lifestyle!

Any traveler, from any age group, when considering a destination to visit, Greece is one of their first thoughts.


The Internet bombards travelers with breathtaking images & professional one-minute videos, like those in Instagram, by cultivating a perception of dream holidays. Consequently, when individuals decide to experience such fancy expectations either they simply book their vacations via Tour Operators, who offer complete mass packages, or make purchases of services via Viator, Booking.com, Airbnb etc.


Nevertheless, demanding travelers should be aware of local DMCs & Concierge Companies which can provide them with completely personalized services, based on travelers criteria. Such companies craft from scratch services that suit to each customer and are ready to support on 24/7 from arrival to departure!


There’s a fresh new crop of travel experts — more aptly described as travel designers — who offer resources far beyond the basics of organizing flights, lodging, and tours. These designers create trips that you can’t just book online, trips for travelers, not tourists. And discerning travelers, at that.

These kinds of trips can’t be planned with a quick visit to Expedia and TripAdvisor.


These new travel agents rely heavily on developing personal relationships with their clientele before organizing a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Ultimately, everything they do is tailor-made and private, so it comes with a price tag.


You have to be local to propose authenticity and quality and to be able to continuously select and scout new travel experiences.


Notably, Greece is an unlimited destination ever for repeaters who wish to experience something new. Local companies can make such expectations happen!




By: Ioannis Georgiadis – Business Development Executive at Snami Travel Boutique & Luxury Lifestyle Management DMC https://medium.com/@giannisgeorgiadis