Private Experience of Balos Lagoon

About Your Private Balos Experience


Both Balos Lagoon and Elafonisi are listed in the top 25 beaches of the world by many major travel forums. Notably, as numerous majestic beaches in Greece, the Balos lagoon is a hard-to-reach paradise! However, the nature of this article is more about describing the most comfortable and interesting alternatives to visit Balos on a private basis rather than promoting the beauty of this Cretan paradise, which has been described to a great extent by plenty of interesting articles.


A) Balos Chauffeured Tour Transfer

In other words, this is an escorted full-day private tour to Gramvousa and Balos. Your private team will consist of a driver, a premium Mercedes-Benz vehicle – limo or minibus – and a private concierge-guide. The pickup time from your hotel has to be specific, based on the distance and the boat departure time from Kissamos. Since you are selecting this option that means that you have to stick with the schedule of ferries in Kissamos port:


The cruises depart daily from the end of April-beginning of May until October (depending on the weather), onboard the following ships: GRAMVOUSA, GRAMVOUSA EXPRESS, and SPIRIT OF ATHOS.
1st departure 10.20 – return to the port at 17.45
2nd departure 10.40 – return to the port at 18.00
3rd departure 12.30 – return to the port at 19.30
There are extra itineraries on special occasions.
The timetable may change according to the season. Please obtain information from our ticket offices regarding the exact times of departure and arrival at the port.
TICKET PRICES without meals
•           Passengers up to 2 years old travel for free.
•           Passengers between the age of 3 and 12 pay 13€.
•           Passengers over 13 years old pay 27€.
The above-mentioned prices (no meals) include 24% VAT, all legal charges, and a written guided tour in your language.

The Municipality of Kissamos collects 1 euro from every ticket (paid in cash), as an administrative fee for passengers over 13 years old visiting Balos lagoon.  


Please note that upon request, your personal guide can accompany you on the cruise from Kissamos to provide you with more insights and information about everything you might want to know, especially about the Gramvousa fortress. On the way back to the port, based on the schedule, your private chauffeur with the vehicle will be waiting to take you for dinner. Note that our concierge team has a handpicked tavern and restaurant collection in all regions of Crete, thus your dinner will be memorable!



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B) Balos Chauffeured Jeep Tour

This is a novel experience by Snami Travel that will launch the market in 2019! All in all, it has the characteristics of a luxury safari in Crete, with the main element Balos lagoon (Gramvousa is not included). The great difference from the Chauffeured Tour Transfer option is that you will drive along the northern coastal wild road to Balos until a specific parking-spot, thus, since you are not bonded to the schedule of the ferries you have the absolute flexibility of your full-day private tour! From the parking area, together with your guide-driver, you will hike approximately 20-40 minutes, which means that this private tour option may not be suitable for every traveler.


Nevertheless, you can spend as much time as you want on the beach, and don’t worry about food and drinks that you might miss from the cruise, because your private guide will organize a small picnic on the beach for you! Most importantly, don’t miss the opportunity to take the legendary panoramic photo of Balos lagoon with the sunset in the background. Besides, this chauffeured jeep tour option is the only way to take such a memorable photo!