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Are you looking for chef to hire in Crete for an immersive & scrumptious culinary Odyssey in Greece?

Cretan Greek cuisine is a mosaic of flavors. A delicious book fueled by the ancient recipes of our forefathers that tells the story of the country’s rich cultural and culinary heritage. Traditionally cooked mouthwatering dishes that honor different Greek periods. And homemade luxury cooking to immerse you in an Odyssey of tastes by sparking all your senses.

Food, for Cretans, is the allure of everything they hold dear and a commitment to enjoying life. Irresistible riches of the sea freshly caught fish and shellfish prepared to perfection. Meat from local livestock herders is generously sprinkled with salt. Crispy bread, gold-green olives, melt-in-the-mouth cheese, abundant locally foraged fresh ingredients, and the finest extra virgin olive oil. While herbs – thyme, oregano, basil, mint – are used extensively in Mediterranean Greek cooking, the presence of spices is part of the Byzantine heritage and a testimony to the great influx of Greeks from Asia Minor.

That is why we handpick only the best Crete private chefs who master genuine flavor combinations. Enhanced by seasonal produce, artistic presentation, & contemporary techniques that constitute the essence of their cooking style.

Each of our home chef meals focuses on texture, flavors, aesthetics, and tantalizing aromas to create a visceral private dining chef experience. Not to mention our private cooks’ masterful ability to blend their delicious dishes with indigenous varieties of Cretan sun-fueled wines & bubbly cocktails.


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How does this work?

For us, as a leading luxury travel company in Crete, the Cretan gastronomy experience that we deliver with our private chef’s for hire is one of the most carefully curated services. We aim to provide authentic and traditional options that suit your lifestyle perfectly.

We leverage the exceptional relationships that we trust with the best private chefs in Crete. With a great experience in the industry, our chef private services will immerse you in delicious flavors and storytelling of Greek cuisine.

Whether it is about a chef for private dinner, family reunion or a gathering of friends, let our award-winning travel designers tailor for you a quintessential private event. Personalized to your tastes, preferences, and gastronomical aspirations.

You can choose based on your needs from a wide range of personal chef services. Including a delightful breakfast, an authentic brunch, a memorable lunch, a bespoke chef private dinner, or a combination of these hire chef services, for a day, a week, or more. Without spending unreasonably a fortune.

Plan your chef’s for hire with us in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 – Book a Private Chef Online: Let us know your personal culinary tastes for traditional dishes or exotic flavors. Also vegan, and guests with intolerances or allergies. The cogs start turning as soon as you submit your request at one of our contact forms throughout the site or the red button of our online chat on the below-right corner of the website.

 Step 2 – Real-Time Personal Communication: When you get in touch with us by email, phone or WhatsApp, one of our travel designers will be in touch with tailored home chef menu proposals from our best Crete private chefs.

Step 3 – We Are Always There So Make It Perfect: We never leave your side. Even if you have more amazing delicious ideas for your private chef meals at the very last minute. Our travel concierge experts are on hand to refine your home cook service so to make your culinary Odyssey perfect. As for us, every single private chef experience is unique!

Crete Private Chef Services by Snami Travel

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An end-to-end hire a personal chef service

Our private chef services are all about tailoring a bespoke private dining experience that is perfect for you. We know that finding the right private cooks to meet your home chef meals aspirations is essential. Our award-winning travel designers will aim to tailor your private event with impeccable throughout service fueled with authenticity, creativity, and masterful execution in every bite.

Your personal chef services itinerary:

Date & Place: We will set your preferred date & time for the home chef prepared meals at your house | villa | yacht, or in any other place you select whether indoors or outdoors!

Kitchen equipment: Your private chefs will check your available kitchen equipment to know if they need to carry something extra for the cooking and service.

Private Chef Menu: This is the part where we spend time together to get to know you and your culinary expectations. Thus personalize every detail with your private chef services by selecting the right menu for your private chef breakfast | launch | dinner or all-inclusive home chef meals.

Local Groceries: Great taste comes out of pure and fresh biological products, local producers, seasonal ingredients, and, of course, the finest local wines. To make your private dining chef experience more stress-free and paced, our private chefs take the initiative to do the groceries on your behalf.

Table Service: Let our private chefs spoil you with personalized home cook service as they cook in your kitchen and provide table service for you and your guests.

Organizing & Cleaning: What’s more, our hire a cook service makes sure your kitchen is spotless before leaving.

Highest standards: Our private cooks have all the necessary health and employment certificates. Thus you can be certain about the quality of the food and the sanitary conditions in which this is prepared before it is finally offered to be consumed.

Book a private chef in Crete in the comfort of your own place

When it comes to personalized chef private service, we love to go tailor-made. That is why our travel designers offer a bespoke private chef dining experience at your Crete vacation place.

Whether it is a private chef for villa, chef to cook in your home, or private chef restaurant experience onboard in luxury yachts. We believe that gathering together to dine is about experiencing new tastes. Finding new cultures and getting inspired by beautiful moments with your people.

Let us turn your kitchen and dining room into a delicious place to savor the sun-fueled foods and wines of Crete. To enhance your special occasions, lunches with friends, family private chef dinners or a great gift for that special someone.

Let us spark your senses while experiencing our luxury signature of Cretan hospitality.

Hire a personal chef cost & proposal

We will provide you with the final personal chef cost after having completed a private chef menu discussion. We will elaborate together on your personal preferences and expectations. This will help us to determine the right final chef private services proposal for your dining experience with any special requirements.

The final proposal consists of the home chef costs and the cost of your ingredients.

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