Luxury Travel Trends 2021

Will luxury travel trends be booming in 2021?


We’re at the end of 2020, and despite the unprecedented times we are still facing, it is obvious that the main trends in luxury travel are still on the rise – travelers are waiting for the right moment to travel again. Unique experiences can be quite a general and subjective term, so in this post, we go a little deeper to see what kinds of experiences luxury travelers prefer for this year and beyond.


On the island of Crete, where Snami Travel luxury DMC operates, we have noticed that our luxury travel requests didn’t decline in 2020. In fact, the demand was even greater in comparison to the season of 2019. People wanted to travel not only for authentic experiences but also for their rehabilitation of the soul. There is a growing connection between experiential travel and improved wellbeing.


What is luxury travel about after the Covid-19 era?


Back in the day, the joy of booking travel through agencies and companies is sitting back and letting the agents do all the work for you. Packaged travel was quite appealing in the past not because people were busier, but access to flight, hotel, and tour deals were exclusive to registered travel agents. Because of this, it was considered a real luxury to have someone arrange all aspects of your travel for you. Flights booked, seats and meals pre-selected for you, hotels and tours organized. All you needed to do is quite literally show up at the airport.


Now, travelers will prioritize their needs by traveling with a sense of purpose. They’ll begin to ask, ‘Why am I traveling?’ Rather than just, ‘Where?’ This trend cannot be standardized and sold in pre-designed packages. Part of travel should be about talking, learning, engaging, and being inspired by a place. Such travel demands can be only addressed by local luxury travel designers and boutique DMCs. Simply because of the detail of quality and local service cannot be managed better than family and boutique travel companies who know the inside track of their destinations.



Bringing the puzzle together is the ultimate goal


At a time of conscious living, travelers will be seeking some kind of sanctuary in search of peace and calm. In the pursuit of privacy, they will be turning their backs on crowded places in exchange for quiet in more remote ones. Furthermore connecting with nature will become even more important to us as we find benefits from a digital detox.


Crete island has become a hot destination since Greece kept the brand of safe travel in 2020. Majestic luxury resorts are popping up in all regions of the island making it easy to spend two or three days in each area making for a wonderful 10- or 11- day trip. Cretan island hopping is one of our exclusive multi-day packages, where a traveler can experience Crete and rotate his accommodation option around the island. Hotels like Nana PrincessDaios CoveDomes Zeen allows our travelers to choose all the details and ingredients to make their stay memorable.



As it is all about personal and exclusive experiences these days, travelers want to still be in control of how they book their travel. Luxury hotels now offer guests the option to not just choose their preferred room type, but the ability to customize their stay in the most personal way.


This is especially helpful for hotels as it allows guests to feel that they stay unique, specially tailored for them, and more importantly, different from all the other guests staying in the same hotel. Meanwhile, many top-end luxury hotels are rolling out new initiatives such as installing a one-way system, contactless check-in, and in-room personal protection kits to reassure their clients.



Crete is about beyond experiential travel, as Cretan transformative wellness travel is the new luxury


Personalized experiences are pursued within private and luxury tours. Google Trends conveys that privacy and luxury in Crete island go together for the last decade.



These services are the only corridors to deliver the ultimate standards of traveling.


  • Shift from ego to self-actualization: Fantasy avatars, theatre, gaming, and role-playing emerge as powerful ways to fire up emotions and ultimately incite a personal transformation.
  • Immersive storytelling: Using the power of epic storylines and casting the traveler as the “pilgrim in an immersive story,” brands are leading the traveler in a multi-chapter, story-based wellness journey.
  • From passive experience to active journey: Forward-looking travel brands are reimagining the spa experience as an active, nature-roaming journey — mixing up treatments with experiences such as fitness, connection with nature, local and cultural immersion, and healthy food.



Crete is a glorious island with myriads of places to explore and a plethora of things to experience. An island to discover a sense of escapism that many forget it does so well. A place to disappear for an hour, a day, or even a week, only to re-emerge with a subtle bronze to your skin and calmness of being.