Crete Island

Crete Island

What is the island all about

The first thougth when travelling to Greece is "the best way to see Greek isles", and of course the second thought in most cases is "from where to start". Let us inspire you on this! Crete island in Greece is something more than just a Greek island. Undoudebtly, it is a Mediterranean gem and one of the most popular Greek islands, which is located in the far south of Greece and marks the borders between the Aegean and the Libyan Sea.


Thus, if you are planning a trip to Greek islands with the dream of best Greek islands for uncharted paradise beaches and authentic experiences - Crete is your first option! Why? Because this island covers all the following expectations of any descerning traveler:

  • Some of the iconic luxury hotels are located in Crete. Not to mention the best Crete 5-hotels & luxury resorts on the beach
  • Worldwide best beaches are located in Crete
  • Most unique and authentic things to do are in Crete
  • Crete has 4 different amazing regions - Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion and Lassithi, which all 4 are best places to stay in Crete
  • Crete bespoke tours, private excursions and luxury trips are something else!
  • Crete summer vacation is absolutely customizable and flexible to go tailor-made

Truly, some say there is no place on earth like on the island of Crete. Why? Simply, because Crete embodies perfectly what makes Greece such a beautiful country. It bursts with amazing beaches, turquoise crystal clear waters, magnificent mountains, a plethora of buzzy cities, world's most famous archaeological areas, and picturesque villages.


It is an island yet it doesn’t feel like one. Green mountains, barren hills, deep gorges, and sandy beaches seem to unite all Greek landscapes in one island. But most importantly, is to get acquainted with the vivid feeling that the sea is everywhere, even when it’s not visible. Connect with insularity: simple and healthy way of life and connection with something archaic which remains in everyday life.


Just keep on mind...

What is the island of Crete famous for?
  • Authentic local lifestyle
  • Deeply family oriented ancient culture
  • Rich history that we all are aware of from our school years
  • Unique gastronomy which is mixed with different amazing cultures throughout the centuries and of course it is famous for its healthiness
  • Stunnining escapes for an idillyc lifetime adventure and an opportunity to bank amazing memories
Is Crete worth visiting?

After the humanity global health crisis, Crete island is more than ever the safest Europe destination to discover a sense of escapism that many forget it does so well. A place to disappear for an hour, a day or even a week , only to re -emerge with a subtle bronze to your skin and calmness of being.

What is the best time of year to visit Crete?

Many say that the best period to visit the island of Crete is from April-October, when the average temperature in summer is from 25 to 30 ° C. But we firmly believe that Crete is the perfect destination for the whole year even in the winter time.

Crete general interesting information:
  • Crete is the largest island in Greece with an area of 8,336 km, with a population of about 625 thousand people
  • Crete is the southernmost island of Europe
  • The highest point in Crete is the mountain Psiloritis (2,456 m above sea level)
  • 112 Cretan shores are awarded the Blue Flag (according to 2017 data)
  • The most favorite traditional dish in Crete: "Arnie Antikristo" which is one of the oldest and most unique techniques of cooking meat
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Crete is our favorite destination because it offers us a rich spectrum of opportunities to tailor your lifestyle services based on your expectations. Live the uniqueness of all four regions of Crete, Lassithi, Heraklion, Rethymno, and Chania, by visiting their finest restaurants and taverns, famous shopping centers, glamorous beach bars and nightclubs, various intense events and celebrations and many others.   Contact our dedicated lifestyle managers to inquire about your lifestyle concierge services.

Authentic Experiences

Your Cretan inspiration

Crete is also the symbol of your life adventure. We are here to enrich, enhance and inspire your feelings in Cretan heavens. Let's start with tailoring an excursion, arranging chauffeur service on disposal, booking a private airport transfer, chartering a private aviation or yacht.   Contact our dedicated lifestyle managers to inquire about your tailored experience.

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