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Mythical Escape: Cave of Zeus & Knossos Palace with Lassithi Plateau

East Crete & King Minos Palace

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We are all looking to find our own idyllic luxury travel. To connect with history, culture, local people, and flavors. A moment to escape the ordinary and experience things that will truly inspire us. That is why we designed this immersive and interactive journey that encompasses priceless gifts of the ancient Cretan worlds and the island’s grandeur.


Come with us on a journey along the East Crete reveling in the endless luxuries of Lassithi Plateau that is basked in allure forests and generously fertile land dotted with emblematic windmills. From the comfort of a luxury chauffeured vehicle at your disposal, our knowledgeable local insider will ensure you encounter the best of the whole itinerary with bespoke details. Discover unspoiled colorful villages, shimmering local lifestyle, storied monuments, charming Byzantine Monasteries, and everlasting Cretan art.


Do not miss the chance to tuck into a culinary odyssey by savoring genuine tastes beloved by our legendary forefathers as the delicious scent of garlic and basil simply dazzle your senses. It’s our job to hook you up with only the best and most authentic eateries. Places we eat when we come to this amazing destination.


Encourage your travel curiosity and amble in the footsteps of gods and epic poems to the mythical Cave of Zeus by disconnecting from the real world. Create timeless moments and plunge into this secret birthplace of Zeus that even his father Kronos never discovered, as you can almost sense the sacredness of this ancient holy site. Truly, the island is home to abundant myths and legends that captivate all who listen.


When in the iconic Minoan Knossos Palace, feel the calming energy that transcends from the Cyclopean ruins and succumb to the distinct and personalized service of our top history-archaeology guide. Let us stimulate you with eclectic information and ensure a stress-free pace in all archaeological areas. While luxuriating in the eternal magnificence of Knossos along with its palatial corridors and lavish frescoes it is hard not to freeze in overwhelmed excitement.


All to make the most of every moment and give our luxurious-minded adventurers the best stories on the mesmerized Crete, as we meander you along with its illustrious past and vibrant present.

  • Hop on from the coast and hop off to the mountains on a captivating Cretan getaway fueled with luxuriant raw natural aromas, scenes, and sounds
  • Connect with abounding Lassithi Plateau with its essence of bottomless authenticity and untouched local lifestyle
  • Embrace the Minoan artistic culture and encourage your creativity with our pottery artisans
  • Unwind with award-winning Cretan wine tasting and savor melt-in-the-mouth traditional delicacies
  • Lift your spirit and explore the Cave of Zeus (Diktaion Andron) by soaking up the elemental energy of this mythical place
  • Indulge in an authentic gastronomic experience and scrumptious flavors of the Plateau by exciting your senses
  • Stroll the archaeological splendor of Knossos with personal touch impressions of our history-archaeology expert guide


Cretan Island Hopping: From dark-wine seacoast to olive-green mountains


Start from your accommodation, escorted by our top local insider from the comfort of a luxury chauffeured vehicle at your full-day disposal. Take the scenic route to the tantalizing Lassithi Plateau. Cherish the blissful weaving of panoramas that capture sun-kissed shores and heavenly mountainous scenes to realize the grand feast of Cretan nature.


Discover Lassithi Plateau and inspire yourself by how harmonious this ancient land really is. Fertile age-old cropland and luxuriant pastures blended with fragrant scents of wild herbs sprawling up the Plateau, and the climate is spectacular. It is little wonder that Lassithi Plateau is synonymous with ‘the good life’, a life that we will ensure you experience by first-hand.


When in Lassithi Plateau: creating and sharing stories


Let our knowledgeable guide give you the inside track and village-hop your way along this itinerary to wallow in the charm of histories and legends. Acclimatize yourself to the sparkling lifestyle of the locals, unearth honored Byzantine monasteries, take eye-popping photos by the iconic windmills, and touch the living monument of the Plateau, a millennial plane tree.


Spend time with Cretans and soak up insularity, a simple and healthy way of life, and connection with something archaic which remains in every day’s living. This deeply connects with Cretan hospitality, “philoxenia” as well call it in Greece. It is this lust for life that we want to share with you.


Cretan Ceramic Artisans & Wine Tasting


Stopover at a family ceramic workshop and winery. Deepen your sensory experience by privately tasting prestigious vintages and appetizing local treats. Don’t miss the chance to sample the local varietals of wild mountain herbs of Lassithi.


Having excited your senses, marvel at the prolific Cretan artisan taking symbols and shapes of the prehistoric Minoan pottery, which has been found all over the Mediterranean and bringing them to the life of the present. Why not unwind your artistic spirit with our artisans? Creativity is a language in which you can communicate things that you sometimes cannot put into words.


A stunning escape where myths abound: Cave of Zeus


In Crete, there’re half the caves of Greece, about 5,200, but only three can be visited. Zeus Cave (Diktaion Andron) fairly captures our attention. Ready to plunge into the enchanting beauty of stalactites, stalagmites, glitter, harmony, and mythical allurement?


Pair up with your local insider, put in the effort, and walk the ancient Minoan path that leads to the Cave of Zeus the Thunderer. As compensation, spend time soaking in your surroundings breathing slowly the fresh air and you will be rewarded by the gods of these mesmeric moments. Lift your spirit by stepping to the sacred Cave and lose yourself in the myths and legends of a bygone era.


Captivated by the enticing stories and abstracts from epic poems, perhaps it is the perfect timing for you now to experience the authentic culinary delights of the Plateau.


Genuine Cretan cuisine: Lassithi is all about crisp, fresh, bright ingredients


Cretan food expresses joy by assembling a mosaic of delicious flavors; shepherds' dakos, a brown barley rusk slathered with dense gold-green olive oil and foamy tomato pulp, abundant species of horta that are used by the local cooks, stuffed grape leaves, creamy tzatziki, perfectly fried vegetables, peasant omelettes, regional meats enlivened by splashes of lemon, cinnamon-spiked stifado with beef and onions, thin pasta cooked in potent goat broth and scattered with anthotiro, and salt from the ubiquitous Cretan sea.


Hungry? Ask us for perfect on-the-day recommendations to discover Lassithi’s best eateries and let us chauffeur you there. At the conclusion of lunch, our last stop of this journey is the Palace of Knossos, the seat of the legendary King Minos. This timeworn and massively mythologized palace is the life-vein of Crete.


Into the labyrinthian legends of King Minos and Minotaur


Together with your local insider, you will be chauffeured to Knossos Palace. Meet our top history-archaeology expert guide at Europe's oldest city where Linear B, the Cretan writing system adopted by the Mycenaeans and would be the basis for the Greek in which Homer would write his two masterpieces.


Immerse into a sublime journey into the past, as we will arrange an after-hours tour to skip the crowds and encounter the timeless gift of the Minoan world unencumbered by the mass groups. Take your time to admire the mosaic floors once tread upon by King Minos, the grand staircase, the astonishing throne complex, and the Minoan intriguing art with vibrant hues. Wander around the ruins of the Palace of Knossos and appreciate it in a way few will ever get the chance to.


Already inspired? Just like that, you will unveil the best of Crete with all your senses.

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Itineraries can be conducted in reverse order for the travelers from Lassithi Prefecture (Plaka, Elounda, Agios Nikolaos, etc).

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