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Portrait of West Crete: Six Senses Mosaic & Venetian Rethymnon Old Town Private Tour

South-Western Crete & Old Town Rethymno

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Dreaming about custom private tours in Crete to delve into the authentic?

This is your idyllic adventure.


Our luxurious-minded adventurers are in pursuit of finding their personal way to unwind, tranquilize their minds, stimulate their spirit, and indulge in their travel curiosity. We believe that a sense of adventure is important to have in your day trips from Crete. It’s about leaping into the unknown. Access to beauty and joy through places that represent them.


We always thought of West Crete as a land of bottomless generosity and immense possibility. A destination that assembles tesserae into a mosaic of luxuriant tastes, aromas, sounds, and a splash of joyous colors.


Pair up with our brilliant Crete guide and let us chauffeur you along the golden South-Western Crete expanse from the comfort of a luxury vehicle at your disposal. Submerge into a bespoke local tour fueled by time-honored villages that shimmer in all their timeless authenticity, hospitable locals who live close to untouched nature, gentle gorges with their fresh waterfalls, and storied Byzantine Monasteries nestled within utopian landscapes.


How about savoring delicious dishes loved by our legendary forefathers? Let us tuck you into the genuine flavors of West Crete by unearthing the archaic hamlet of the legendary king Agamemnon where abounding water resources and vegetation are pure, the temperature is ideal, and the local knowledge of food is an art. Prepare to be mesmerized by the delicious aromas of slow-grilled lamb and melt-in-mouth river fish that are generously seasoned with salt and placed around an open fire just in front of you.


In the late afternoon, luxuriate along with the seaside in Rethymnon old town that is decorated with immaculate architecture but also addicted to quaint aesthetics and romantic feelings. Wallow in the charm of the labyrinthian streets and the historical energy that exudes from the Venetian-era fortification and iconic monuments. Revel in the glamour of the Rethymno city tour that makes it a minor playground for authentic street markets, eclectic wine-cocktail bars along with elegant cafés that complement the city’s lifestyle.


What’s more? Imagine yourself tasting aromatic award-winning wines of Crete by the storied Venetian Rethymno port and cherishing the melting sunset as the evening warm breeze touches your cheeks. We believe you deserve to be spoiled on our authentic trips in Crete.


Day Tour Itinerary Highlights

  • Get the inside track from your personal tour guide as you journey from the Rethymnon beach Southward to the emerald expanse of West Crete
  • Delight in scenes of a historic Rethymno village with perennially flowing waters and amble its medicinal herb gardens
  • Encounter the enchanting wild beauty of Kourtaliotiko gorge and Kotsifou canyon fueled with natural scents and mesmeric sounds
  • Visit the age-old Preveli monastery and get stimulated as we tell you its glorious story from way back
  • Discover the mountainous village of Argiroupolis built on the ancient Lappa city surrounded by towering age-old trees, lush landscape, and breezy waterfalls
  • Connect with the West Crete essence of scrumptious tastes from antiquity and let us guide your tour deep into the unspoiled local lifestyle
  • Stroll the pearled historic port of the old town Rethymno and unwind at its local-exclusive bars and cafés

Make this private guided tour of West Crete & Rethymnon town yours




Scroll down to get a detailed itinerary approach to our private Rethymnon excursions.



Private Crete Trips by Snami Travel

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For cruise travelers we can fully customize our shorex Crete excursions from all major ports:

Chania, Retimno, Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos.


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Mosaic of senses Rethymno tour detailed itinerary


The Crete trip full of authenticity & hidden pursuits

Upon a flexibly adjusted pick-up time, meet our brilliant Crete tour guide. Together, you will travel to the heart of the South-Western region of Crete to immerse in the limitless splendor of this region.


Soak up the stunning escape and succumb to an entirely personalized local guide tour by a luxury chauffeured vehicle at your full-day disposal. This is your West Crete tour for writing a new colorful story with luster and exuberance.


Rethymno villages you can’t miss: Spili fountain & botanical gardens

Village-hopping is the most meaningful element to truly connect with the genuineness of Crete. So let’s make a stop at the village of Spili with its vivid vegetation and the emblematic Venetian Spili fountain monument of a row of 25 fresh-water springs that gush from sculptured stone lion heads.


Together with your personal tour guide stroll the picturesque alleyways of the village and exchange smile with the friendly locals. Visit a neighborhood bakery to sample appetizing local treats and have a cup of Greek coffee under the shade of age-old plane trees.


Don’t miss the chance to visit Spili’s medicinal herb gardens (Maravel garden Spili) fueled with euphoria, colors, and floods of vibrant aromas. Pick up by hand flowers and herbs that are nurtured from the finest soils to smell and taste them. True aromatherapy to excite your senses.


Close to the village begins the gorgeous Kourtaliotiko canyon, which spills its gentle rivers into the Libyan Sea and is the life-vein of the majestic palm forest of Preveli.


The historic Preveli Monastery weaves 2 magnificent gorges

Journey deeper to the South-Western Crete along with the Kourtaliotiko gorge on your side with its overwhelming wild beauty. Let this utterly enchanting Cretan nature ground your soul.


For a dose of tranquility, make a stopover by the canyon and take in the bird’s eye view. Listen to the gentle whistling of the wind and walk a scenic path by descending to the heart of Kourtaliotis gorge. As the river tranquility sparkles and spring waters gush from within the rocks, an age-old chapel of the Blessed Nikolaos Kourtaliotis sanctifies the landscape.


Somewhere between heaven and earth, at the sapphire blue Southern shores, discover the time-honored Preveli Monastery dedicated to Saint John the Theologian. You will be mesmerized by our stories of this venerated monument from its foundation by the Venetian feudal lord Prevelis to its participation in each of the liberation struggles of the Cretans.


From the very great height of the Monastery soak up the astonishing panoramic views of rugged mountains interwoven with the endless Libyan Sea. Let us unveil for you the Monastery’s treasures; the Holy Cross which bears a part of the True Cross from Constantinople, the Monastery’s Museum that hosts rare icons with techniques inspiration from the Cretan school of iconography, and a wax workshop.


Now let’s turn our attention back North by ascending the picturesque road through the heart of Kotsifou canyon while having all-embracing views of the captivating Libyan Sea behind us. Sightseeing from this narrow Kotsifou gorge road is truly inspiring. Vibrant regions of vineyards where grapes grow peacefully next to olives and wild beauty with a soft heart will stimulate you.


Our next tessera of this Mosaic is to connect you with the West Crete essence of delicious flavors while gaining a deeper understanding of the relationship between recipes, people, and places. This is what makes our Crete private tours memorable for a lifetime!


Genuine tastes & old-world charm: Argyroupoli waterfalls & Ancient Lappa

Upon arriving at the favorite village of king Agamemnon and once a powerful Roman stronghold, realize how the nature trails of the Ancient Lappa, or in present-day Argyroupolis, are timeless in their ability to awe. Tucked within a lush landscape, towering age-old plane trees, small breezy Argyroupolis waterfalls, and numerous fresh springs, the village seduces you just by soaking up its pure atmosphere.


Let your local insider guide your tour around the amphitheatrically built mountainous hamlet which covers the prehistoric city and still well preserves both archaic and Cretan traditional elements of architecture. Discover an array of Roman bathhouses, aqueducts, and mosaic-laden villas along with buildings from the Venetian era.


Undoubtedly, your appetite will peak with the delicious smells of juicy antikristo lamb (to Antikristo) that pours all over the village. Cut into four, seasoned with salt to produce a crispy skin, passed through huge wooden or iron spit (our forefathers were using their battle spears instead), and placed around the fire for about 5 to 6 hours in each yard of the family local restaurant. Not to mention the grilled to perfection river trout served in generous portions and mouthwatering traditional appetizers based on homegrown food.


Fully rejuvenated by the feast of local experiences that capture the soul of West Crete, why not close this enticing day trip by unwinding in the iconic city of Retimno?


The great melting pot of cultures: Rethymnon old town guided walking tour

Rethymno town is a cityscape that mixes the ancient world with modern-day luxury. A detail that can be clearly seen in the artistic sense of the old town blended with stylish boutique stores, sensational Rethymno restaurants, enticing wine-cocktail bars, and cafés flooded with vibrant aromas.


Let your personal tour guide connect you with the seaside old town Rethymno quintessential vibe and rich history as you lose yourself in the labyrinthian streets and cobblestone alleyways, replete with atmospheric buildings, piazzas that hosts emblematic monuments such as the Fortezza Rethymno, and legendary fortifications from the Venetian-era. Feel the historical aura and energizing life that will truly overwhelm you on this city tour of Rethymno.


Western Crete sightseeing tours are so rewarding & endlessly worthwhile


Make our private day trips from Rethymnon Crete yours. Ready to go?


Crete Sightseeing Tours by Snami Travel

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For cruises traveler we can fully customize our shore excursions in Crete from all major ports:

Chania, Retimno, Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos.


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This itinerary is ideal for the Chania shore excursions in terms of timeframe with your corresponding cruise. In addition, we can fully personalize your Rethymno excursions if you travel with your family by adding tailored details inspired by your travel aspirations.

Do not forget to bring along

Comfortable shoes and proper dress code in Byzantine Monasteries.


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