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Minoan Crete from 3.000 BC.: Knossos Private Tour & Heraklion Museum with Wine Tasting

Minoan Palace of Knossos & Heraklion Region

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Ancient trips with modern comforts.

Your custom private tours in Crete to step inside ancient worlds.


Over thousands of years, our Cretan ancestors created the land we know today as Crete. To this day, the Minoan empire identity and influences remain the reflection of the modern world. Trying to understand how intelligent they were, arguably we are the result of evolution.


Come with us on this Crete tour to unearth ancient worlds that will seduce you with their timeless charm. Let us reignite your inspiration with truly meaningful moments.


Succumb to the expert knowledge of our brilliant local guides who will perfectly adapt entirely tailored day trips from Crete for you. Revel in a collection of unforgettable experiences from the comfort of a luxury chauffeured vehicle at your disposal.


At your own pace, luxuriate along with the Cyclopean stone steps and lavish frescoes of the Minoan Palace of Knossos, the seat of the legendary King Minos. Let this Knossos private tour immerse you into the labyrinthian marvel that Arthur Evans excavated, while we draw you back to a time when myth and history were indistinguishable. Breath deep and connect with the calming energy that transcends from the stellar Knossos ruins while submerging into a vivid journey to the past.


Everything starts in the blood, where there’s culture, there’s wine. Let us take you on a Heraklion wine tour by chauffeuring you to the heart of Central Crete, a rich Minoan land backed by everlasting groves of olive and wine-red earth. Discover boutique domains to sample award-winning wines of Crete with divine flavors and aromas by revealing the distinctive characteristics that our land and soil instill in the grapes.


In the late afternoon, with personal touch impressions soak up the entire collection of unique artworks and history of the world-famous archaeological museum of Heraklion tour. Filled with exquisite Knossos paintings and sculptures, busts, and jewelry, all within the luxurious halls of immaculate architecture.


Unwind by strolling around the aesthetically fortified city tour of Heraklion, flawlessly embraced by the powerful Venetian Walls and iconic Gates. Lose yourself in this seaside cityscape fueled with a historical aura and energizing life. For a memorable Crete food tour, dazzle your senses with delicious scents of garlic and basil pouring from superb restaurants with local-exclusive or gourmet cuisine along with an enticing café culture full of vibrant fragrances.


For the discerning and detail-oriented travelers, we cannot get much closer to history and the island’s culture than this.


Day Tour Itinerary Highlights

  • Plunge into the grandeur of the Minoan Crete on this custom private Heraklion tour by being part of the evolution of a mighty civilization
  • Amble in the footsteps of King Minos at the Knossos archaeological site with our history-archaeology Crete private guide
  • Experience a private Heraklion wine tour along the ancient valley of Messara, the land to abundant sun-fueled vineyards of Crete
  • Visit the finest wineries in Heraklion and taste the best wines of Crete of bottomless flavors and earthen aromas
  • Have a first-hand archeological tour experience of the Heraklion Knossos Museum with an art-historian personal tour guide
  • Follow the city trails and delight in the Heraklion walking tour by unearthing storied monuments and emblematic landmarks
  • Let us guide your tour and visit local restaurants of Cretan culinary excellence in the heart of Iraklio city


Let us design your Crete private tours to unveil Greece's biggest wonders!




Scroll down to get a detailed approach to our private guided tour to the Palace of Knossos labyrinth legends & Heraklion highlights.



Private Crete Day Trips by Snami Travel

Crete custom Private Day Tours| Best Knossos Palace Tour Guides & Private Drivers | Luxury Experiences by Award-Winning Travel Designers


For cruise travelers we can fully customize our shore excursions in Crete from all major ports:

Chania, Rethymno, Iraklio and Agios Nikolaos.


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Our Minoan Crete custom private tours detailed itinerary


Make this Crete culture trip yours from the get-go

Start with comfort by flexibly adjusting your preferred pick-up time of the day (morning or afternoon hours). Succumb to our perfectly tailored and stress-free service by a luxury chauffeured vehicle at your disposal.


Build up a close relationship with your personal tour guide and history-archaeology specialized Crete tour guide. For us, the island’s past and present are something altogether deeper. It’s a story with thousands of forking paths. And as your travel advisor, it’s our job to help you decide where you want that story to begin, to help shape its chapters and details. To give it weight. To keep our Crete trips meaningful.


Crystalized by culture & prestige: Tour of Palace of Knossos

Be part of the evolution of the glorious Minoan civilization that believed in the spiritual energy of natural phenomena and the last Western society that worshiped female powers. Let the Palace of Knossos facts fully inspire you.


Step foot on the archaic soil that once King Minos stood upon and was the birthplace of the legendary Minoan empire. Follow our knowledgeable Knossos guide and explore the archaeological tour masterpieces that were excavated by Arthur Evans. Immerse yourself in the magnificence of the Knossos restoration structures decorated with vibrant wall paintings and you will acquire the feeling that even the prehistoric stones have craftsmanship that you sense beneath the walls.


Discover the palace complex at Knossos that once hosted 1.500 accommodations within five floors. At a personalized and private pace, alongside your expert historian tour guide, wander around the Knossos Throne room that is the heart of the palatial splendor; the Processional Way, decorated with the iconic Minoan wall painting such as the Prince with the Lilies and Knossos dolphins; the famous Bull’s Horns, one of the sacred symbols of Minoan religion; and the Royal Apartments, consisting of the complex of Double Axes and the Villas of the Queen.


After submerging into the private tour Knossos archaeological site, you can truly appreciate what makes the legends of King Minos, Minotaur, and the palatial labyrinth so magnificent and enchanting. Knossos visit is truly worthwhile.


Central Crete wine tour: From the Minoans to modern times, for Cretans making wine is an art

Now, let’s turn our attention to the South to Iraklio wine country or the ancient Messara valley, where the richness of the Minoan Crete wine still abounds these days.


Imagine a land of calmness and generosity where olive groves paint the horizon with green and gold leaves, the vineyards nurtured from the finest soils produce aromatic premium wines of Crete, and the scent of mountain thyme and oregano perfectly blends with the warm salty breeze.


Here in the heart of Central Heraklion, you will lose yourself in the Crete vineyard tour of the Minoans, meandering among the oldest olive trees in the world to unearth the best winery domains on the island. Boutique family-owned estates such as Lyrarakis winery ​| Boutari winery | Douloufakis winery | Domaine Gavalas | Domaine Paterianakis | Minos-Miliariaki Winery offer quintessential wine tasting with sun-fueled island flavors from antiquity.


What the island tastes like in a wine glass? On this Crete wine tour, a sense of euphoria and intoxicating aromas come from oak barrels. Light and crisp or heavy and dry wine, Cretan vintages share the ability to impress you by the long aftertaste of full-bodied red and fragrant white wine. Allow us to introduce you to some of the most passionate Cretan winemakers to gain knowledge of local viticulture and guide you through their exceptional estates.


One more stroll in time: Best guided tour in the Archeological Museum of Heraklion

Meet our art-historian Crete guide at the world-famous museum in the sensational city of Iraklio for a skip the line tour to synopsize 5,500 years of Crete’s history.


From Neolithic times to the prominent Minoans and Mycenaeans, and beyond, distinguish the exhibits from archaeological sites from all over Crete – Phaistos, Malia, Zakros, and Minos Knossos Palace by appreciating each room at your own pace. Let us shape your tensionless experience with an individual touch of the entire collection; Phaistos Disc, Bull's Head rhyton, Linear A and B tablets, Snake Goddess figurines, Bull-Leaping fresco, Ayia Triada sarcophagus, Gold votive double axe, and opulence of other antiquities.


For a sublime end to this Crete culture trip, why not make time for the Heraklion walking tour? And of course, it should be combined with Heraklion food tour essentials.


Heraklion local guide tour: A city bliss full of history & delectable flavors

Alongside your Heraklion guide insider, connect with the city’s essence, fully personalized to your travel aspirations.


Are you a discerning foodie? That is great. Take on a delicious local tour around Heraklion’s scenic street markets. While reveling in the authentic flavors and scrumptious scents of the glamorous seaside city tuck into a tasty slice of Cretan culture. Visit off-the-beaten-path eateries and colorful food shops that focus on texture, flavor, and aroma to create a genuine dining experience.


Or perhaps you wish to continue the cultural immersion in the best-fortified city in the Mediterranean? Then enjoy a guided walking tour around Heraklion’s storied trails to conceptualize how the modern district is merged with the ancient one. Unveil the emblematic Venetian Walls designed by Michele Sanmicheli, Koules Fortress (Castello Del Molo) that gazes proudly out to sea, and the charming Morosini Square with its Lions’ Head Fountain. Truly the nostalgia for the old world is bound to overwhelm you as you experience the lyrical Heraklion city tour.


Are you ready for the guide tour to spark the emotional reaction that Crete can bring out in you?


Make this Crete trip full of culture & tastes yours


Private Guided Tour Knossos & Museum with Wine Routes by Snami Travel

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For cruise travelers we can fully customize our shorex Crete excursions from all major ports:

Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos.


Want to learn more about what makes our private day tours in Crete different?


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We can fully personalize your private day trip to Heraklion Knossos from Chania by flexibly adjusting the itinenary based on Knossos Palace opening hours. Note: Knossos tickets and skip the line tour can be managed by your private guide on the spot.

Do not forget to bring along

Comfortable shoes and sun amenities.


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