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Gems of South-Central Crete

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To us travel means putting fire in your soul, giving you stories, and banking memories. Our discerning travelers and luxury-minded adventurers are on the hunt of shaping their own idyllic connection with the island. Let us create for you meaningful moments on this handcrafted Cretan escape.


Hop down to the heart of Central Crete, the beloved land of our ancestors, and let the wonders of the archaic world collide on this luxurious passage of time.


From the comfort of a premium chauffeured vehicle and escorted by our top local guide soak up the Minoan earth of generosity. Revel in the endless luxuries of this untouched ancient paradise where wine-red fertile soils treasure lavish vineyards and the oldest olive groves seem to stretch perennially toward the horizon as the mesmeric aromas of wild herbs envelop your surroundings.


What Crete tastes like in a wine glass? Visit a family-owned winery set on a peak amongst awe-inspiring panoramas and let us introduce you to the passionate winemakers of this award-winning domain. Immerse into their intoxicating world of Cretan vintages that embody the essence of the island from antiquity.


Luxuriate in the ages while unearthing the Bronze Age palaces of Phaistos and Gortyna that exude timeless energy from the Classical and Hellenistic periods along with storied Byzantine Monasteries nestled within otherworldly landscapes. Succumb to our local expertise and beyond-the-guidebook insider access to spark the emotional reaction that the island can bring out in you.


In the late afternoon, put fire in your soul tucking in the care-free bohemian vibe of Matala the heaven of flower children that captivated Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin, and once the prehistoric port of Phaestus. Bask in the turquoise waters of the Libyan Sea and unwind in the charming village irresistible for its freshly caught grilled fish enlivened by splashes of lemon and shellfish deliciously prepared to perfection accompanied by the finest ouzo.


Imagine yourself overlooking the orange melting sunset as the dark-wine sea sings serenely with myth and the warm breeze touches gently your cheeks leaving salt crystals in its wake. There is a kind of flame in Crete - let us call it "soul" – something that becomes an everlasting part of you.

  • Journey to South-Central Crete the land of old-world splendor and spoil yourself with distinct service paired with bespoke details
  • Wander the picturesque village of Agios Myron and step in the sacred Cave of the Saint where still flows the holy water
  • Stroll through the archaic Palace of Gortyna famous for the Great Inscription of Gortyn in Doric dialect that later became the Spartan Law
  • Wallow in the emerald expanse of Messara Plain and visit a boutique winery submerging into luxuriant Cretan wine flavors
  • Embrace the legendary Phaistos palace, the seat of Rhadamanthus, where Festos Disc the secret hieroglyphic script was excavated
  • Discover the Cretan sacred jewel of Odigitria-Agiofarango Monastery with a strong monastic tradition linked to Apostle Paul
  • Delight in scenes of the spectacular sunset fading in its grandeur next to the iconic caves of Matala and plunge into the azure waves of the Libyan Sea
  • Savor scrumptious seafood dishes from the fresh catch of the local fishermen by indulging in the culinary significance of South Crete


Connecting with Central Crete


Start with convenience from your accommodation upon a flexibly adjusted pick-up time of the day and touch down to South-Central Crete from the comfort of a luxury chauffeured vehicle. Spoil yourself with a tailored and perfectly personalized service accompanied by our top local insider who will ensure you experience the best of the whole itinerary.


With expert local knowledge, it's our privilege to unveil to you a destination where archaic culture and stunning landscapes of our ancestors remain as they have for thousands of years. Central Crete is the beating heart of this vast island, and the region is a microcosm that the very best Crete island can provide.


A storied village and the sacred cave with a healing spring


Find yourself luxuriating in the fertile plains of South-Central Crete. Weaving our way through the ancient land of generosity, at an altitude of 400m discover the village Agios Mironas dominated by overwhelming panoramas of age-old cropland and luxuriant pastures sprawling up the rolling hills.


Spend time just soaking up the raw natural scents, scenes, and sounds of the central square. Then pair up with your local guide and amble the picturesque alleyways of the village. One of the short walks will take you to the time-honored church which hosts the relics of Saint Myron the Cretan. Let us take you to the ascetic cell of the Saint, a sacred cave under the church where healing water gushes from within the rock.


Now let’s turn our attention back South by following the roads that go deeper into this majestic region. A verdant backdrop of serene landscapes with the added charm of colors, prestige, and cities from a bygone era seemingly around every corner.


Bronze Age palaces and ancient wine routes: welcome to the playground of the Minoans


Soak up this enticing escape from your luxury chauffeured vehicle as we take you on a true passage of time meandering through the Minoan wonders of Messara the largest plain in Crete tucked among the mountains of Lassithi, Asterousia, and Psiloritis.


Promenade the prehistoric city of Gortyna and plunge into the sensations of rich history reflected in the stellar ruins with aesthetic shapes and flawless architecture. Let us stimulate you with our eclectic information about this legendary site which gloriously appears in the Homeric poems. Where the Gortyn Code the oldest and most complete Greek law was found.


Where there’s culture, there’s wine. Everywhere you look you see abounding vineyards grow blissfully next to olive orchards. Why not take you to a family-owned winery that produces prestigious Cretan vintages? Meet our passionate producers and immerse into their intoxicating flavors and aromas. Step on the domain's highest peak and lose yourself in the glorious views of this ancient land that bore the Minoan civilization and hosted others such as the Roman and Byzantine.


Have the inside track to localize the perfect spot to embrace the magnificent views of the Palace of Phaistos while we draw you back to a time when myth and history were indistinguishable. Get inspired by the mythical King Rhadamanthus brother of Minos the ruler of Knossos Palace and Phaistos disc which secrets still puzzles many leading linguists and cryptographers of the world.


Open your eyes and your heart as this destination, both breathtaking and shrouded in mythology, has more old-world’s gems to spark your travel curiosity.


A jewel of monastic Crete: Odigitria – Agiofarango Monastery


Uncover the unique allure of Odigitria one of the most historic monasteries in Crete with a strong monastic tradition which is linked to Apostle Paul and a cradle of asceticism in Crete, developed in the sacred gorges of Agiofarago and Martsalo.


Marvel at the fortified architecture of the Monastery that echoes its extraordinary cultural legacy and cherish the unbelievably eye-catching views of the Libyan Sea from the glorious Tower of Xopateras. We will tell you stories from way back that have been passed down for generations and continue to resonate with luster and exuberance.


Hop again on your luxury chauffeured vehicle and set off to the once prehistoric port of Phaestus and Gortyna with iconic artificial caves from the Neolithic Age, or in present-day Matala.


Glamorous, colorful and historic, Matala is the emblematic highlight of Central Crete


Beach and food are an essential element of luxury adventures, so here we transport you to Matala to discover the care-free bohemian vibe and abundant flavors of this corner of the Libyan Sea.


It's an ancient land and very special, as it was inhabited from Neolithic Ages and attracted civilizations as varied as the Minoans and Romans along with its recent past when hippies put this once tiny fishing village on the map. Matala’s sea, sun, and boho-chic paradise also attracted Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Cat Stevens, and Joan Baez who dwelled in the emblematic caves.


Bask in the sapphire blue waters of the Libyan Sea and the delicious aromas from the rustic fish tavernas on the waterfront, as the spectacularly idiosyncratic island scene is enhanced with octopuses hung out to soften in the sun. Everything is fresh, original, and local because this is the part of Crete that nurtures the authentic way of living and encourages travelers to submerge in its pure world.


Suddenly, everything that resembles Crete is in front of you. Waves wiping away worries, seashells bringing good luck, toes in the sand grounding your soul, warm salty air ruffling your hair as the sun dives into the sea in an explosion of warm orange, pink and red.

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  1. Gems of South-Central Crete

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