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Sailing by cruise yachts has been long one of our favorite ways to explore Chania's secrets. From the Northern isolated bays embraced by the sapphire blue Mediterranean Sea, down to the intermixed golden with pink sand shorelines of the South; the seventh heaven, as the locals describe, where the salty breeze of the Libyan Sea awakes all your senses.


We have handpicked the best catamaran and motor boat charter owners in Chania by building up exceptional relationships with their brilliant teams. So when we manage a yacht in Crete for you, we will make this private cruise fully tailored to your well-deserved travel aspirations. By including all chartering a boat amenities and entertainment equipment.


Drop anchors at alluring coves nestled among energizing wild Cretan nature and dotted with honeycombed caves. While basking in the azure waters, spark your curiosity and swim to the near secluded beaches. As you step on the shore, dig your toes into the soft sand. You will feel completely at peace among the serene surroundings flood with the scents of warm earth and wild herb aromas.


And when the fresh sea breeze has awoken your appetite, let our team spoil you with a scrumptious lunch on board. Knowing in advance your culinary preferences, you will taste a selection of Cretan homemade dishes and mouthwatering delicacies. All perfectly prepared for your boat cruise picnic. You may also enrich your meal with a selection of premium Cretan wines from our favored vintage list.


What’s more, our award-winning travel designers will manage your private ground transfers between your hotel or villa and the port. You can also request enriching your Crete luxury cruises with a diving session, professional underwater photographer, water ski, jet ski, and a flying board.


We will design your boat trips from Chania with bespoke itineraries. So you can be as active or as relaxed as you choose. Trust us when we say that we will craft this adventure with you in mind.


What Our Sailing Cruises In Chania Include

  • Yacht charter Chania Crete bespoke booking service by expert travel designers
  • Lunch & drinks on board
  • 1-3 person crew
  • Luxury yacht experience amenities: Wi-Fi | Soundsystem | Fishing gear | Towels | Snorkeling Gear
  • Chauffeured premium Mercedes-Benz vehicle between your hotel or villa and port
  • 24/7 travel concierge support & exclusive benefits for your private boat trip Chania experience

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Learn more about our luxury cruise yacht ideas below to pick your idyllic boat trip from Chania


Cretan Luxury Cruises By Snami Travel

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Our Favorite Private Yacht Chania Itineraries

cruise ideas from Chania


Prepare to Be Mesmerized: Luxury Gramvousa Balos Cruises


Do you already have Balos inked on the wish list for your holidays in Crete? Great, then let us spoil you with a bespoke boat yacht charter to the iconic beach landmark of Europe as much as of the Cretan island itself.


Unwind and connect with your loved ones as you are whisked across the northwestern corners of Chania, to the Gramvousa peninsula. Let our expert crew onboard spoil you with impeccable service by ensuring you experience the most of your private Chania yacht rental.


When the anchor is dropped, prepare to be awe-inspired by the stunning beauty of this paradisiacal destination. Sculptured in ancient times, Balos’ magnificence boasts an abundance of fossilized pink shells perfectly blended with soft white sands. Unsurprisingly, Balos is part of the Natura 2000 network.


Keep in mind, Balos captures your heart twice: Once with the magical blend of colors that greets you as you approach on your luxury boat cruise and then as you are indulging in the warm waters of the lagoon; realizing the true Cretan nature’s grandeur.


Inspired by our private Balos boat trip? Start planning here


A Tripple Dose of Heaven: Menies | Chironisia | Thodorou Island Idyllic Beach Cruise


After a delicious breakfast, let us chauffeur you in comfort to the port of Chania. Where you will meet our brilliant team and hop aboard your private luxury vessel. Let yourself go in the perfect blend of adventure and luxury in this quintessential Western Chania boat tour.


Hop off at the secluded beach of Menies and feel the gentle sea breeze ruffling your hair. Luxuriate in the pristine waters that sparkle in deep blue and emerald green. Stimulate your travel curiosity to discover the archaic temple of Diktynna that was dedicated to the goddess Vritomartis; you will feel a calming energy that still transcends from the ruins.


Then, find yourself at the alluring Choironisia bay that is mingled with captivating small islets accessible only by boat. Bask and snorkel in crystal clear waters and lift your spirit by exploring the vibrant underwater worlds of the sea caverns.


For a sublime end to this journey, do not miss the chance to visit the island of Thodorou. During the Minoan era, the island was a sacred place, and nowadays it is a Natura 2000 protected islet. Take one more vitalizing dip in the glimmering water, then find a cozy place on the deck of your private boat yacht to sunbathe with a glass of aromatic Cretan wine.


Breath deep and realize the pure Cretan nature that surrounds you on this Chania sailing cruise.


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A Luxury Yacht Trip to Southwestern Crete: Balos | Loutro | Samaria Gorge | Sfakia


Perhaps you already know that Southwestern Crete is a completely different world. The South is fabled for its unrivaled wild beauty, awe-inspiring mountainscapes, ancient gorges, seductive beaches, and secret coves. Heavenly getaways that are only reachable by sea.


Let the planning of these detail-oriented cruises from Crete on us. We will pick the ideal yacht to charter of your preference with the best crew on board.


Let yourself go with a distinct service from our brilliant team. Every aspect will be managed down to the tiniest detail. As you are sailing through it all, enjoy unique moments of togetherness in the sparkling Cretan seas.


Start this luxury boat ride with Balos Lagoon. Soak up an overwhelming seascape beauty that sparks with sapphire blue waters and colorful sands.


As you are cruising from the North to the South towards Paleochora, at the Southwestern corner of Chania, you will encounter the iconic Elafonissi Beach. This seaside paradise harmoniously mixes the Cretan and Libyan seas. By creating vivid vistas of turquoise waters and pink sands.


By the early afternoon find yourself luxuriating at the Southern shores. You will be whisked away from the crowds with guaranteed access to the Chania’s best-kept secrets:

  • Sougia Beach located at the exit of the Gorge of Agia Irini, a favorite destination for hippies in the 70s'
  • Seemingly hidden from the world, the beach of Agios Pavlos that named after the archaic monastery of St. Paul with impressive frescoes and many inscriptions by pirates
  • Marmara Beach located at the exit of the Aradena Gorge, named after the soft colorful rocks and sea caves
  • Glyka Nera, one of the most mesmeric beaches on Crete, is named after its freshwater springs that flow into the deep blue sea and is accessible only by boat
  • Iligas, an amazing turquoise-water sandy beach with majestic windswept cliffs and sea caverns, located at the exit of the Kavi Gorge

What’s more, during these bespoke Chania boat tours, discover some of the most genuine surroundings of the region. Unearth the village of Agia Roumeli and the glorious Samaria Gorge.


Not to mention, the emblematic Loutro. A little fishing village with the unspoiled beauty of Crete that took its name from the baths which have been found in the area. It is also a village where cars don’t exist as it is only reachable by sea.


This Southwestern Chania yachting experience will end in the port of Sfakia. From where you can either return back by boat yacht or a VIP chauffeured vehicle in ultimate comfort and privacy.


Do the Southwestern Crete luxury yacht tours excite you? Start planning here


3-Day Cruise Of Southwestern Crete: A Whole World On A Single Island


Inspired to explore the seascape paradises of the Southwestern Chania? But with a drop of deeper adventure for an uplifting speed boat tour? Whether it is about an idyllic luxury yacht cruise with your friends, spouse, or family. Let us curate the perfect multi-day sailing Chania journey. It will stimulate you with every single dropped anchor in the alluring Cretan sea.


Meet our expert crew at the port of Chania, from where you will leave with your luxury motor yacht charter. This 3-day Crete private boat trip of Southwestern Chania will venture perimetrical starting from the North to the South.


Drop anchors and hop on secluded beaches that were sculptured in ancient times. Discover places that will spark your travel curiosity and inspire you to share.


Day 1 - Spend A Night In The North: Chania | Balos | Gramvousa


As you will start this journey from the Northwestern part of Crete, visit Balos Lagoon. A nature wonder with magnificent land formations. And a charming destination to inflame your Chania sailing cruises from the get-go.


Spend your first night in Gramvousa islet that was a hide-out from the pirates in Medieval years. Bask and snorkel in the warm waters of this peninsula. Do not miss the chance to explore the remnants of the Venetian castle along with a unique collection of rare plants.


For a sublime ending to your 1st day, prepare yourself for a sequestered beach dinner as it will be a private BBQ on the beach of Gramvousa. When the night come drift off to sleep listening to the gentle lapping of the waves.


Day 2 - Soak Up An Enticing Beach Hopping: Krios | Elafonissi | Paleochora | Tripiti | Loutro


Submerge on your 2nd day into a secluded beach & hidden cove hopping. Discover Krios Bay with its archaic underwater tombs. Then the isolated beach of Tripiti with amazing vertical cliffs and ancient trails reveal the existence of a temple dedicated to the Greco-Egyptian god Serapis. During this day, at the Southwestern corner of Chania, you will also visit Elafonisi.


This is your relaxation rhythm, luxuriate in your yachting cruises as active or relaxed as you choose. Swim and snorkel in the hidden paradises of the South. Or lounge on the deck with pillows and lounge pads, and a glass of nice wine.


Draw to a close your 2nd day at the small seaside fishing village of Loutro. An authentic Cretan destination with emblematic white houses and delicious traditional tavernas to taste flavors of an unspoiled local cuisine. Create your stories by strolling the alleys of Loutro. Let the gentle sea breeze immerse you into the calmness and serenity of this place.


Day 3 - Last Hidden Gems Of Southwestern Chania Cruises: Glyka Nera | Marmara | Samaria Gorge


Dedicate your last day to this unforgettable multi-day Chania boat trips in discovering more spectacular gems of the South. These last destinations will be like assembling tesserae into a mosaic; a feast of experiences that capture the soul of the uncharted Crete.


Drop anchors and luxuriate in the beach paradises of the Glyka Nera where ancient refreshing springs still flow and the Marmara beach with majestic windswept cliffs that resemble marbles. Last but certainly not least, visit Agia Roumeli that is located at the end of the Samaria Gorge.


And somehow, once you’ve sampled it all, you will take the way back to the North. You will be back at Chania Old Venetian Port by evening time.


On the way back, you will realize that Chania's Southwestern paradises have become your story. A true charm once resonates within you it never leaves you.


Ready for your 3-day cruises to Chania? Start planning here



How To Book Our Luxury Cruises Chania:

  • The cogs for our Crete yacht charter services start turning as soon as you hit send at our contact form. Or the red button of our online chat on the below right corner of the website.
  • You can also get in touch with us via email at [email protected] or our 24/7 mobile +30 698 70 97 639 (WhatsApp).
  • Let us know your personal aspirations for the heavenly Crete cruises, the exact number of people in your group, and the preferred date(s).
  • One of our travel designers will be in touch with an initial proposal by including luxury boat hire types and boat trips from Chania ideas.
  • Nothing you see here is set in stone. So in case of any tailored hire a luxury yacht detail adjustments, we will refine your proposal together until it’s perfect for you.
  • Once the booking is confirmed, we will provide you with payment options & booking terms to finalize the reservation of your private Crete boat ride.

We Guarantee The Best Chania Yacht Charter Services:


As a leading luxury travel company in Crete, we focus on providing our guests with personalized travel experiences. Especially, in cruising & yachting is where we can get creative. We leverage the exceptional relationships that we trust with the best yacht & catamaran owners in Chania. So to ensure that the sailing cruises Crete experiences for our detail-oriented & discerning guests are unforgettable.


Get the best private boat tour Chania booking services & conditions along with a dedicated travel designer manager. We will be with you every step of the way. Let’s make your dreams into reality.


Boat Trips Chania Crete By Snami Travel

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Snami Travel is a fully licensed DMC, incorporated under the laws of the Hellenic Republic & having its offices at Analipsi of Hersonissos, Crete Greece.


Company Registration No 1039E60000111001 & VAT EL800554594.

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