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Knossos Palace & Authentic Crete with Local Experiences

King Minos Palace with Boutari Winery & Cretan Villages


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We have designed this unforgettable trip to submerge you into an authentic way of life in one of the island's most beautiful regions while gaining a deeper understanding of the relationship between history, stunning escapes, gastronomy, and the authentic Cretan local lifestyle.


You will also visit the world-famous Palace of Knossos, where your expert guide will ensure skip-the-line access to all archaeological areas, key pieces of information, and extra-personalized attention.


Then, from the history and cultural experience, you will be immersed in another time wandering the unspoiled Cretan landscape along with authentic layers of flavors, wines, and village life of the island of Crete.


Enjoy personal pick-up and drop-off with a premium vehicle at your full-day disposal, like a true VIP.

  • Stroll the archaeological splendor of Knossos with personal touch impressions
  • Visit an award-winning Cretan winery
  • Connect with West Crete's essence from antiquity & the unspoiled local lifestyle
  • Explore Melidoni Cave
  • Have an authentic lunch in the village of Argyroupolis

Your day trip will start with a personal pick-up by your private driver with a premium-class vehicle on disposal, at any convenient time of the day. Every detail for your maximum comfort and privacy will be assured during the day.


The first stop of the itinerary will be at the Palace of Knossos where your archaeology-specialized private guide will guide you to the majestic Minoan monument by exploring the depths of the oldest civilization in Europe. You will find inspiration from the legends of King Minos and the Minotaur, the palatial labyrinth, and the iconic artwork.


Then, you will explore the authentic Cretan village of Skalani which is famously rich for its local olive and vineyard products as well as the off-the-beaten-path eateries and traditional local delicacies. Just outside the village, a short stroll will take you to a quintessentially local award-winning winery Boutari. At this Cretan winery, which dates back to 1879, your local insider guide will acquaint you with the harmony of nature and human labor which is dedicated to the organic production of high-quality Cretan wines. Not to mention the experience of the full flight of winetasting, perfectly paired with local delicacies such as a handpicked selection of charcuterie and cheese.


Next, you will experience a journey to the authentic West Crete by visiting the Venetian village of Melidoni. Just not far from the village, together with your local insider guide, you will explore the Melidoni Cave a place of worship of the Minoan worshipers of the mythical bronze giant of Crete, Talos.


Your village-hopping will continue for a Cretan lunch in the village of Argyroupolis with its fresh-water springs, breezy waterfalls, old mills, and the ancient lush green landscape. This itinerary stop is dedicated to your authentic gastronomic experience. You will taste delicious Cretan recipes with deep roots and experience bottomless Cretan hospitality. In addition, you will have the opportunity to explore the ancient city of Lappa, on which the village of Argyroupolis was built, where ancient baths and basilicas with mosaics are still preserved.

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Make this itinerary yours

Like what you see? Contact us today to find out more about our exclusive itineraries on Crete island. But remember: each and every Snami Travel trip is tailored entirely for you. So let’s get in touch.

We’ll make it happen.

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Ideal shore excursion for cruise travelers from Chania (Souda) & Heraklion ports.

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  1. King Minos Palace with Boutari Winery & Cretan Villages

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