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Your Tailored Elafonisi Escape: Cretan Dream Where Time Doesn’t Exist

Pink Sand Beaches of South-Western Crete

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What is Elafonisi? Somewhere between heaven and earth, there is a Cretan beach paradise sculpted by nature over ancient times. On some days, this geological masterpiece is connected to the coastline of South-Western Crete, and on others, it is an otherworldly island you can easily wade to through a shallow sea corridor.


What does the Elafonissi connection feel like? Imagine basking in richly colored waters of crystal blue and emerald-green shades of the intermingled Cretan and Libyan Seas. With your toes sinking in the fine white sand blissfully blended with generous flecks of pink from millions of crushed shells. The freshness of the whistling sea-breeze touches your cheeks leaving salt crystals in its wake. Not to mention the mesmeric sound of gently lapping waves that simply ground your soul.


There are many ways to appreciate Elafonisi, but none quite as rewarding as a tailored and stress-free escape for the discerning and detail-oriented travelers who pursue reveling in the endless luxuries of Crete by traveling at their own pace. We believe you deserve to be spoiled with a distinct service and bespoke details.


On the road trip across the golden expanse of West Crete, immerse in true escapism and adventure from the comfort of a luxury chauffeured vehicle and escorted by our top local insider. Let us encourage your travel curiosity and soak up the region’s luxuriant nature trails which are timeless in their ability to awe along with a feast of experiences that capture the spirit of Crete.


By the end of the day have the inside track localizing off-the-beaten-path exquisite family taverns with friendly locals who eagerly await to serve their scrumptious dishes. Indulge in the bottomless Cretan genuine flavors and tantalizing aromas paired with sun-fueled wines based on the unique island’s produce.


Looking for more personal touches on your Elafonisi idyllic getaway? Upon request, we can organize a picnic by unearthing one of the gorgeous little coves that are dotted all over Elafonisi; a basket of ripe fruit, local gourmet snacks, and award-winning Cretan wine at your side as you delight in passionate panoramas of the flaming sunset.


This is your relaxation rhythm. Take things slower, breathe deep, and luxuriate in your freedom. For us, travel has always started with a dream.

  • Journey across West Crete as we perfectly adapt your personal itinerary as slow-paced or as fast as you like
  • Spoil yourself for choices as we make brief stops along the way to Elafonisi and connect with the limitless splendor of this region
  • Embrace the overwhelming wild beauty of Topolia gorge that expands gloriously alongside the road leading to Elafonissi
  • Wallow in the charm of the dazzling seascape of Elafonissi with pearl-white and pink shores wrapped by ever-changing blue waters
  • Uncover mouthwatering family-owned taverns and tuck in delicious tastes of West Crete accompanied by local wines
  • Encourage your travel curiosity and walk the steps to the cavernous temple of Agia Sofia to soak up the elemental energy and serene ambiance
  • On the way back, enjoy everlasting moments as the sunshine pours over the sea and flickers as if diamonds had been sprinkled across it


Prepare to be mesmerized: Elafonissi escape perfectly adapted for you


What does it take to find yourself daydreaming in one of the majestic paradises on Crete island? It is the call of destination paired with your local travel planner who will curate the day entirely to your tastes. Our goal is to spoil you with comforts, distinct service, and a stress-free experience.


Upon a flexibly adjusted pick-up time, start the day with a meet and greet at your accommodation by our top local insider who will ensure you experience the most of every moment of this undeniably Cretan retreat. From the comfort of a luxury chauffeured vehicle at your full-day disposal, luxuriate across the captivating expanse of West Crete and delight in scenes that will unveil the very essence of the island.


Lose yourself in the abounding hidden treasures and lavish nature of West Crete that will truly leave you breathless and inspired to share. Have the inside track to localize Cretan bakeries to savor local-exclusive appetizing treats and colorful coffee shops to unwind with an aromatic cup of Greek coffee.


Big, big nature… and lots of it: Topolia Gorge


While you are whisked across the South-Western corners you will be seduced by the astonishing wild beauty of Topolia Gorge. Deep ancient hiking trails cross like veins to the heart of the stunning gorge that once trodden by the mythical giant Talos. Make a stop by the canyon to take in the bird’s eye view, feel the gentle whistling wind in your hair, breathe deep, and connect with the allure of nature.


Follow the road that runs alongside the gorge as this is the sign that we are approaching Elafonisi. Embrace the growing vivid feeling that the sea is everywhere even when it’s not visible.


Plunge in your relaxation rhythm: Sun, Sea & Dream Beach


Revel in the endless charm on the island-lagoon of Elafonisi where the sky touches the sea and time simply doesn’t exist. Moment by moment, your senses will be awakened by the palette of ever-changing shades of blue. Take things slower and wallow in the freedom of this utterly enchanting seascape.


Find yourself wandering the pearl-white and pink shores. The underfoot feeling of soft sand mixed with millions of tiny colorful shells grounds your soul. Wade through the shallow turquoise water of the lagoon and soak up the scent of cedar trees blended with that of the sweet sea. Hear to the gentle waves lap sumptuous the shores wiping away your worries.


Head to the boundaries of the lagoon to unearth small coves and bask in the intermingled Cretan and Libyan sapphire waters, where it gets deeper. Don’t forget to explore the unique topography of this geologically magnetic place as it hosts rare species of flora and fauna.


Undoubtedly, your appetite will peak. Well, this is good because we always thought of West Crete as the idyllic destination to discover authentic Cretan cuisine.


Sublime end to your journey: Tastes to remember and hidden gems of West Crete


Hop on your luxury chauffeured vehicle and ask your knowledgeable local insider for a mouthwatering tavern and let us take you there. Discover off-the-beaten-path eateries set amongst incredible landscapes and acclimate yourself to the warmth of Cretan hospitality. Here, the locals craft scrumptious traditional meals with age-old techniques and locally foraged fresh ingredients that will open your taste buds to a new world of flavor.


Food, for Cretans, is the allure for everything they hold dear and a commitment to enjoying life. Freshly caught fish from the ubiquitous sea, juicy meats from local livestock herders, heavenly cheeses, the best olive oil, and abundant accompaniments paired with Cretan wines and raki. Everything you know as the Mediterranean diet.


Still, inspired to explore more? Pair up with your local guide and follow the ancient path to the Cave of Agia Sofia to feel the calming energy that transcends from the Neolithic and Minoan periods. Do not forget to explore the small church that is nestled among age-old stalagmites and let us tell you captivating tales from way back.


Need more bespoke ideas? Speak to our travel designers to organize a picnic on Elafonisi by sunset with tailored details. We know the exact spots to take you on your special occasion. The most important word for us through all of this is YOU. All you need to focus on is the experience. This is tailor-made Elafonisi just for you.

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  1. Pink Sand Beaches of South-Western Crete

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