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East Crete Secrets Off the Beaten Track: Through the Eyes of Locals

South-Eastern Crete Off the Beaten Track

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Sometimes, we don’t know where we want to go but surely, we know how we want to feel. Always looking for that perfect connection, a feeling of discovery to truly emerge into something unique as there is no better feeling.


There still exists a purity of experiences in this world, and you can find it here in East Crete. Let’s follow the roads that go on and on, deep in this captivating region. Where endless olives grow in harmony next to sweet grapes and storied Byzantine Monasteries sanctify the landscapes. Looking for stories that define people and culture, we want to give you access to Crete and its best-kept secrets.


Have the inside track from your knowledgeable local insider to access the most intriguing and unknown areas as we whisk you across the dazzling expanse of this region from the comfort of a luxury chauffeured vehicle. Venture from village to village to see the island through the eyes of a local submerging into an unspoiled world. Get off the beaten track and journey through the Minoan mountains embraced by ancient forests flooding with aromas of wildflowers and the serene hum of the bees as the warm salty breeze envelopes your surroundings.


This is the place of deep contrast. Find the perfect mountainside peak to take in the bird’s eye view by simultaneously cherishing tantalizing panoramas of the Libyan and Aegean Seas that sparkle in deep blue and emerald green. This will leave you breathless and inspired to share. Then lose yourself in the deep veins of magnificent gorges that host wild beauty with a soft heart to tranquilize your mind and soul from modern-day distractions.


Somewhere between heaven and earth, discover the secret paradise of our forefathers. A hidden spot nestled within an oasis of age-old towering trees and perennially flowing waters that blend with raw natural scents and mesmeric sounds. Revel in genuine tastes of Cretan cuisine with local cooking techniques on a wood oven or open fire. Don’t forget to say “Ya Mas” heartfully with a glass of sun-fueled wine or celebrated raki.


For a sublime end to your journey, why not take a vitalizing dip in the sapphire waters at the golden Southern shores? An idyllic way to wallow into the luxuries of different environments that captures the spirit of East Crete. Somehow, once you’ve sampled it all, it never fails to become a part of you.

  • Plunge into a breathtaking adventure of the uncharted East Crete
  • Visit a storied Byzantine Monastery built with fortified architecture and dedicated to Archangels Michael and Gabriel
  • Village-hop through East Crete at its most authentic and soak up the scent of honey and dough that drift from the local kafenion
  • Connect with locals who insist on good food, good lifestyle, and good culture
  • Luxuriate through the Minoan forested mountains of East Crete and reveal otherworldly landscapes that give a lovely grace to the antiquity
  • Stopover at the highest spot of seaside cliffs to capture unbelievably eye-catching panoramas of both Libyan and Cretan Seas
  • Unearth a mountainous place of alluring beauty with pure water springs and indulge in the scrumptious flavors of our ancestors
  • Encourage your travel curiosity and traverse a gentle gorge by embracing the hidden treasures of Cretan nature
  • Bask in the joyously warm turquoise Libyan waters at the South-Eastern shores


Access the best-kept secrets of East Crete


Enjoy your breakfast and let your handcrafted day comfortably begin. Meet our expert local guide at your accommodation upon a flexibly adjusted pick-up time. Succumb to our bespoke service and beyond-the-guidebook insider access from the privacy of a luxury chauffeured vehicle.


Crete has kept many of its treasures secret, known only to the few who have the privilege to take the time to really know the island. That is why we focus on itineraries that will unveil the essence of Crete based on our local knowledge.


The feelings in this region are radiant and addictive that sweep you up and refuse to let you go, and you will not be wanted to.


A fortified holy Monastery dominated by stunning nature


As you travel from North to South weaving an uncharted adventure, let’s make a stop at the time-honored Byzantine Monastery of Kremasta, built with forting architecture and dedicated to Archangels Michael and Gabriel. Immerse into the story of this venerated monument that played a pivotal role in the education (Secret School) of locals during the Turkish Era.


Stroll around the hanging Monastery with your local insider and explore its unique production of textiles, creams, and medicinal herbs nurtured from the finest soils. Savor the refreshing rose-infused lemonade, a treat by the nuns, and from the highest point of the Monastery capture enticing panoramas that harmoniously reflect the abundance of this everlasting land where the sweet scents of the endless vineyards stretch along the horizon.


The locals say if you really want to get to know Crete – its people, traditions, legendary lifestyle – head to its villages. So hop again on your luxury chauffeured vehicle and let’s follow this advice.


Timeless authenticity: East Crete village-hopping


Meandering through the oldest olive trees along with sightseeing the ruins and cyclopean walls of the archaic city of Lato, one of the most powerful Dorian settlements in Crete, is here in the heart of the Eastern part of the island where you will discover the charming villages that shimmer their unspoiled Cretan way of life.


Amble around with your knowledgeable local guide in the alleyways of the most picturesque villages of Kritsa and Krousta, which occupied since Minoan times. In narrow cobblestone streets dotted by numerous Byzantine Monasteries, exchange smiles with ever-friendly locals and browse through their handcrafted products. This district is considered one of the most important centers of Cretan weaving art where age-old customs and vivid traditions are kept seemingly untouched by time.


How about delighting in a generous slice of the village’s vibrant flavors and aromas? Follow your guide to localize off-the-beaten-path eateries and family kafenion. Taste melt-in-the-mouth local exclusive sweets and pies and have a cup of creamy Greek coffee as we tell you captivating tales from way back.


Follow archaic trails of nature and unearth gateways to an unseen world


Indulge in your travel curiosity for the secret parts of the island as we chauffeur you through the Minoan forested mountains, to pursue the freedom that is out there.


A land of bottomless scenes, colors, sounds, and feelings. Whether you are marveling at the views of the earth or sea you have this feeling that produces greatness. The fragrant scent of the mountains blended with the salty air is something unique and makes you think if you could just bottle it up and bring it home with you.


Let us give you the inside track to step on the peak above 2 seas – often unbeknownst even to Cretans – where you will take in the bird’s eye view to capture simultaneously panoramas of the Aegean and Libyan Seas. This will be that peace and presence that will ground your soul.


Open your heart for genuine flavors as we are about to take you to a place that few people ever get to really see.


A hidden paradise packed with scrumptious tastes from antiquity


Discover the beloved place of our forefathers to unwind and taste delicious flavors of authentic Cretan cuisine cooked with local techniques and the tastiest materials based on homegrown and local produce.


Imagine a cozy mountainous place tucked within an oasis of shade and serenity. Age-old tall sycamore trees, juicy watermelons cooling in the pools of breeze all-natural water springs, a small chapel and a relaxed mountainous scenery surrounded by raw natural scents.


Ask the hospitable local cooks about the delectable dishes of the day and let them take you to the outdoor kitchen to demonstrate what meals are prepared. Everything is cooked on a wood oven, charcoal or on the slow roast of an open fire straight in front of you.


Meats are beautifully tender, slow-cooked, and deliciously seasoned with salt to produce crispy skin. Not to mention the abounding accompaniments paired with local wine and raki, such as stuffed vine leaves, wild greens, creamy tzatziki, dakos of the shepherds, local cheese pies fried in olive oil and served with scrumptious honey from pine trees, and of course, home sweets made by the ladies in the kitchen.


Now that you are rejuvenated, let us reveal to you one more secret of East Crete.


Wild beauty with a soft heart: Sarakina gorge


Hiking trails cross like veins to the heart of the marvelous Cretan mountains within ancient gorges leading to journeys that are impossible to forget. Let’s make a stop at the magnificent Sarakina gorge to encounter a wonder of Cretan nature along with its timeless ability to awe.


With a parking spot just outside the canyon, pair up with your local insider to walk across the gentle path of Sarakina. Home to indigenous wildlife and beautiful waterfalls with deliciously refreshing pools, Sarakina is a paradise for thrill-seekers, hikers, and nature lovers. One more reason to truly disconnect from the world.


As we chauffeur you back, watching the sun dive into the sea in an explosion of warm orange, pink and red, why not take a dip in the crystal blue waters of the Libyan shores?

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