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Pleasures of Crete: Truffle Hunting, Culinary & Wine Celebration

Lassithi Plateau


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We’re unapologetic gourmands at Snami Travel. Sometimes food is the inspirational part of the craft of our adventures.


That is why we traveled to Crete’s Lassithi Plateau to search for the rare Cretan black truffle – and learned how to cook them with our brilliant local chefs. Now you can do the same.


We’ve designed this unforgettable trip to submerge you into an authentic way of life in one of the island’s most beautiful regions while gaining a deeper understanding of the relationship among recipes, people, and traditions.


This is the land of emotions and the art of planning two great loves: travel and food.


Itinerary Highlights

  • Venture to the heart of truffle country, Lassithi Plateau with a knowledgeable guide
  • Make a stop at one of the traditional villages for a delicious Cretan breakfast
  • Visit the historic village of Krasi and take photos of the iconic Plateau’s Windmills
  • Meet the truffle hunter at the 1882 Cretan Mansion and set off on a truffle hunt adventure (1.5-2h)
  • After the hunt, let your private guide drive you to an authentic local restaurant – prepare yourself for a cooking demonstration paired with local produce, aromatic wine, food, and – of course – fresh truffles
  • Amble in the ancient Minoan footsteps to the Cave of Zeus (Diktaion Andron)
  • Spark your travel curiosity to visit family pottery and the Monastery of Panagia Kera Kardiotissa

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Scroll down and let us inspire you with our Cretan secrets.

We will make your experience memorable.


Crete Truffle Hunting Tour by Snami Travel

Want to learn more about finding truffles on Crete Island?


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Welcome to the idyllic Lassithi Plateau

Honey, aromatic olive groves, the harvest, spectacular climate. Easy to realize why it was the beloved land of the Minoans, Lassithi Plateau is the perfect place to indulge in myths, unspoiled local lifestyle, and the scent of fresh mountainous air that still perfectly mixes with the sea breeze.


Make a stop at one of the traditional villages to enjoy a rich ala Crete breakfast and exchange smiles with the friendly locals. You should also not miss the chance to take some nice photos by the emblematic Windmills of Selí Ambélou.


Meet our best truffle hunter with his lovely Lagotto Romagnolo Italian dogs at the 1882 Mansion Vilaeti. Let the hunt begin.


The secret of truffle hunting in Crete

Let our expert truffle-hunter lead you through the ancient shepherd's paths that he unearths from his childhood. Discover hiking trails that cross like veins to the heart of the timeless Lassithi Plateau. Places with an innate ability to charm and delight. Places perfect for milestone moments.


Truffle, the world’s most elusive ingredient, grows beneath the forest’s surface, making raw visual identification impossible. That is why the dogs are trained to stop, and alert, at any point where they can scent the tuber’s helpfully powerful aroma.


It is at this point that our hunter falls to his knees and joins the dog in scratching away at the earth. With an iron ‘T’ shaped tool, watch him twist and tug the earth apart; separating roots and drilling a hole into the rich earth.


As he steps back, pulling the truffle – earthy, lumpen, and pungent – out of the soil, he shares this unparallel happiness of a successful collaboration between the hunter and his loyal dogs.


After a morning spent on the art of truffle hunting, you will be wanting only one thing: a big, rewarding meal.


Cooking with Greek truffles: Open new tastes. Spark your senses.

Successfully loaded up with a small bagful of black truffles, as you farewell the truffle hunter, you will feel that there’s nothing more satisfying than finding and cooking the fresh truffle for yourself. But to do this, you’ll need a little help.


Let our knowledgeable guide chauffeur you to an award-winning local restaurant in Lassithi Plateau. Following a warm greeting by our bright chefs, prepare yourself for a quintessential Cretan cooking demonstration and bespoke wine experience. And yes, Greek truffle species– the kingpin of big flavors – will be the natural accelerant to the fire of this muscular local cuisine.


Our cooks here are using in-depth knowledge of the island’s food. From modern dishes to ancient flavors, experience the artistic pleasures of unparalleled Crete cuisine as you uncover celebrated culinary styles. Each bite is meant to be an indulgence and your personalized tour of Lassithi Plateau will immerse you in the luxury of gastronomic excellence.


Because we wanted to turn this Cretan secret into a Snami Travel experience you can sample for yourselves

After a day spent exploring the landscapes, villages, and eateries of the Lassithi Plateau, you will be reminded of just how satisfying it is to source and cook your own ingredients; and to reconnect with nature and communities.


With a little help from our award-winning Travel Designers, gain a rare window into Crete’s less-well-known experiences. It must be unforgettable. It needs to linger, long after you’ve returned home. It becomes a pin in your shared maps – a ‘remember when’ that you'll share months, years, and even decades later.


Ready for this adventure? Let's make it happen


Crete Truffle Hunting Tour by Snami Travel

Want to learn more about finding truffles on Crete Island?


Let’s get in touch and learn more about our private tours & luxury experiences on Crete Island.

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Lagotto Romagnolo is an exceptional breed of Italian truffle hunting dog. This is the only breed in the world in which searching for truffles is triggered by their natural instincts.

Do not forget to bring along

Comfortable shoes and proper clothes for hunting in the mountains.


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