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That Quintessential Island-Hopping: Crete to Santorini Day Trip

Crete - Santorini - Crete


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Crete to Santorini Day Trip
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Santorini Day Trip from Crete. The Snami Travel Edit.


The allure of the volcanic island of Santorini creates an energy that magnifies all your senses. A product of its many contrasts: Ancient luxury, delicious food, Old World wine, wild volcanic sculptures against sleek Cycladic lines, or the impressive Santorini sunset are just some of the elements of what this iconic Greek island offers visitors.


Sure, you know Santorini. But there’s always a way to reimagine it anew, especially when it comes to crafting the logistics between two different Greek islands. Shaken and stirred with a Snami Travel twist, we will introduce you to an entirely different side of this Grecian island hopping.


As the leading luxury travel company in Greece, we are here to design your perfect Santorini day trip from Crete package by helping you with heartfelt attention to detail considering your desires and dreams. For adventurous families and solo explorers alike – and everything in between.


With expert destination knowledge, an outstanding network of on-the-ground contacts, and 24/7 support – we’ve got you covered. Getting from Crete to Santorini and back to Crete. We will devote all our energy to sorting out even the fussiest of details – and the fun ones too, of course.


So, are you excited about this travel planning? We're ready to design your tour from Crete to Santorini – and we have gathered some bespoke ideas to get you started.




Inspired by our custom day tour Santorini from Crete? Let’s get in touch.




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Luxury Island Hopping in Greece by Snami Travel

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“Google offers 10,000,000 results for Crete to Santorini Day Trip/Santorini to Crete Day Trip … happily, we are here to help you narrow things down.


– Ioannis Georgiadis, one of our founders at Snami Travel, was recently named one of the Top Travel Specialists in Crete island and Greece –


For the Storytellers

Planning an adventure with family or friends? As immersive Grecian destinations go, you can’t get much more adventurous than combining Crete with Santorini, an itinerary with numerous travel vibes to combine for every taste.


We believe it’s important to connect the dots and experience as many different parts on this Santorini trip from Crete as you can. From hopping among villages packed with authenticity; swimming in the volcanic beaches that pop with color; Tasting the exquisite cuisine and alfresco bar-hopping of Santorini; Taking a stroll along the rim of the caldera (maybe even exploring on horseback); Visiting the volcano of Nea Kameni or finding Instagram heaven in Oia; Unearthing Ancient Thera’s secrets to strolling among the designer stores, and art galleries.




We'll handle the details, leaving you to focus on the memories. Let’s get in touch.



For the Romantics

Considering a honeymoon or wedding anniversary trip to Greece, and both Santorini and Crete vacations are on your bucket list? Our signature travel from Crete to Santorini romantic packages have your most pressing questions covered.


Picture this: an arrival from Crete to the enchanting Oia, laying your eyes on towering cliffs dotted with sugar-cubed houses and blue-domed churches. Strolling along the picturesque cobbled streets before reaching an organic black currant vineyard. Far away from the masses, having a cozy picnic paired with a fine wine (made locally, of course) with Aegean sea views and the surrounding islands.


If one day trip to Santorini from Crete is your idyllic escapade, let’s get in touch to see what awaits you.



For the Explorers

Ancient worlds frozen in time await you on the volcanic island of Santorini.


Start with the prehistoric Akrotiri, Greece’s Pompeii. This emblematic 50-acre archaeological site in the southwest of the island is old – very old! – and represents a vital piece in the puzzle of European prehistory (Neolithic Period).


Continue unearthing Ancient Thera’s secrets. From the ruins of Hellenistic temples and the foundations of Roman and early Byzantine buildings to the Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Fira to admire Minoan frescoes and numerous artifacts.


Embark on your custom Crete to Santorini day tour and let the myth that Santorini is the ancient city of Atlantis, which submerged over 9,500 years ago, manifest to life before your eyes.


Let’s get in touch and let the ancient luxury fest of Santorini begin.



For the Food & Wine Lovers

Blessed with the perfect combination of climate, soils, and altitude – Santorini produces Old World wines and foods with some seriously delicious character.


Get ready to taste the exquisite cuisine of Santorini, well known for the most explosive tastes in Greece as the island boasts extraordinary ingredients thanks to the nutrient-rich volcanic soil. With local chefs experimenting and combining traditional recipes with modern gastronomy, your culinary experience will be taken to another level.


Crowning the culinary experience is a 3,000-year-old wine tradition that is traced here before the eruption of its legendary volcano. Again, thanks to the island’s volcanic earth, more than 50 grape varieties are still growing in Santorini’s ancient vineyards by bottling all the authenticity of an island renowned for its award-winning wineries.


Now that’s what we’re talking about. A delicious Santorini tour from Crete fueled with tastes and senses to be remembered for a lifetime.


So, traveler, settle back, and let’s design this 1 day trip to Santorini from Crete together.


Luxury Crete Day Trip to Santorini by Snami Travel

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Snami Travel is a fully licensed DMC, incorporated under the laws of the Hellenic Republic & having its offices at Analipsi of Hersonissos, Crete Greece.

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Crete to Santorini ferry lines is operated from April to October. The availability of our private helicopter and boat trip from Crete to Santorini options is on a request basis.

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