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Experience the quintessential luxuries of Crete island with a local insider guide on a chauffeur-driven jeep tour basis with absolute comfort and privacy. More than just a classic mass-safari excursion, this exclusive day trip is designed for a group of 3 persons per jeep so you can explore the island by following bespoke itineraries off the beaten path focused on the Cretan culture, traditions, history and natural landscape. This allows our travelers to see, feel, savor and discover with more depth our distinctive regions and identity. Enjoy a personal pick up and drop off, skip-the-line access at iconic sites and maximum personalization like a true VIP. Remember, Crete is a fascinating and diverse island, but wherever you go, you’ll find friendly people, delicious food, and stunning melting sunsets. Ready to go?

  • Personal pick-up and drop-off with a flexible start time
  • Full-day chauffeured premium vehicle (Wi-Fi & amenities) at the disposal
  • Private local insider guide
  • VIP skip-the-line accesses
  • Child seats (if requested)
  • Fruits & Nuts of Crete

Enjoy a personal hotel, villa, or cruise pick-up with a modern Jeep/SUV class vehicle at full-day disposal, at any defined time of the day. Your private day-trip will start with a memorable journey to the heart of the West or East Crete by following bespoke itineraries off the beaten path.


Whether you will choose to explore Western or Eastern hidden gems of Crete, your local expert guide will provide you with a plethora of authentic ideas and unique insights to create the perfect tailor-made jeep experience based on your expectations! You can customize your exclusive experience in Crete by including elements like:

  • Connect with Crete symbolic nature and open new trails that even the locals are not aware of
  • Visit the iconic archaeological sites and mythological palaces of Crete island
  • Visit ancient villages and engage with locals and their authentic lifestyle
  • Explore off-the-beaten-path eateries to try traditional local delicacies
  • Discover Cretan fish villages that have the best freshly-caught seafood
  • Excite your senses with Cretan wine-tasting by visiting the best local wineries
  • Follow religious off-road paths and visit hard-to-reach Byzantine ancient monasteries
  • Explore stunning  gorges or wild beaches of the South-Western or South-Eastern Crete
  • Make as many stops as you can to capture scenic panoramic views and bohemian Cretan sunsets

All in all, the aim of this private tour is to make you realize why Crete differs from other islands. Get acquainted with the vivid feeling that the sea is everywhere, even when it’s not visible, and most important to connect with insularity: simple and healthy way of life and connection with something archaic which remains in everyday life.

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Crete Chauffeur Jeep Tour can be conducted by a maximum of three (3) jeeps per day trip in order to maintain privacy and comfort of your experience.

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