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Samaria Gorge Private Tour: A Luxury Adventure in Chania Southwest

Chania Southwest & Samaria Canyon


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Your tailored Samaria tour that nobody will believe


Things about the Samaria gorge hike. Out there, there are written thousands of them - in newsletters, in books, in banners blazoned across travel websites. And they’re good things. But when it comes to the brass tacks of actually planning your Samaria trip – you have to think: ‘I need my own local Travel Experts to tailor this adventure just for me'. To make these Crete hiking tours personal. To tailor a journey that nobody will believe.


Now, our award-winning Travel Designers are on hand to show you just how to make the most of this quintessential escape, in true Snami Travel style. For us, nowhere screams ‘adventure’ quite like the Samaria gorge trip. Crammed full of otherworldly landscapes, freshwater springs, unique biodiversity, and the plunging canyon hiking trails leading to nature wonders – it’s undeniably an adventurer’s playground.


On a privately chauffeured basis day tour, hike through Samaria canyon alongside our expert Crete tour guide by tailoring the route at your own pace. Start at Omalos plateau and finish at the fishing village of Agia Roumeli overlooking the spectacular views of the Libyan Sea. In between? Hiking downriver in the footsteps of the mythological Cretan Titan who stabbed earth descending 18 km on the Southside of White Mountains by creating the geological masterpiece of Samaria canyon.


Agia Roumeli is the place where the great canyon meets the sea. It is the seaside fishing village where you are going to take a vitalizing dip in the azure warm waters of the South Crete and then taste the delicious local cuisine at the family restaurants. And yes, the famous pies of Sfakia are a delicacy you should not miss. It is also the place where you will take the boat for the Hora Sfakion where your private driver will meet and take you back in the comfort of a luxury chauffeured vehicle.


Everything we do on our Crete private day tours is bespoke to you, so let’s make this tour to Samaria gorge special. There are some exceptionally luxurious ways to do it if you’re in the know. And our Travel Designers most definitely are.


Chania Samaria Tour Highlights

  • Upon an early scheduled pick-up time, meet your expert Crete guide and private driver, and journey to the heart of Chania
  • Together with your expert local insider, you will be dropped off at Xyloskalo (1.250m over the sea level) of the Omalos plateau where Samaria gorge trailhead begins
  • Start the 18 km hiking of your Samaria gorge guided tour by following the descending path to the Southside of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) along with the ancient windy trees and breathtaking mountainous scenery
  • In the heart of Samaria canyon engage with the constantly changing dramatic landscape, tranquilize your soul with the mesmeric sound of the river and unearth a time-honored hamlet
  • At the end of the canyon, find yourself in the small village of Agia Roumeli where you will have the chance to swim in the warm Libyan waters and eat at the family-owned scrumptious restaurants
  • Take the boat from Agia Roumeli to the small port of Hora Sfakia where your private driver will meet you and chauffeur you back

The freedom of this great outdoors is truly enchanting. There is nothing to do but go.




stepping into Samaria gorge national park, a reversal occurs. The incessant pinging of phones, the piling up of inboxes, the hurry of rush hour melt away. Instead, it’s the business of getting back to nature. In every, wondrous sense of the phrase.


Private Samaria Gorge Tour by Snami Travel

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For cruise travelers from the port of Chania to Samaria gorge, we can fully customize our private shorex Crete excursions.


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During the Samaria gorge excursion you can refill your bottle with fresh water from the natural springs, and there are rest areas, smoking areas and toilet facilities along the canyon. In addition, the Agia Roumeli ferry & Samaria gorge tickets can be purchased on the spot with the assistance of your Crete guide.

Do not forget to bring along

comfortable shoes for hiking are essential / make sure you carry only the necessary so you avoid the extra weight / make sure you use high protection sun cream / you might want to bring beachwear to bathe on the beach of Agia Roumeli


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