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Crete Luxury Jeep Safaris: A Consummately Curated Odyssey in Chania

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A Different Kind of Crete Island Hopping


Missing wilderness, stunning beaches, and the drama of the great outdoors? Thought so. That’s why we wanted to take a moment to introduce how we do Jeep Safaris in Crete. Flexible, luxurious, and authentic to the bone.


Safari in Swahili means “uncharted journey”. And we love inspiring escapades more than anything. We have curated our luxury adventures on Cretan Island with ambition and a thrill-seeking spirit.


Be it tailored safaris for friends and families, romantic getaways for couples, or a bespoke shore excursion from your cruise port. We have carefully handpicked off-the-beaten-path itineraries and experiences to bring you closer to the great outdoors of Crete.


In an exceptional collaboration with the best Jeep Safari Experts in Chania, our Travel Designers have spent years refining the art of off-road and adventure; two things that go beautifully well together. This is your ticket to Cretan's ancient landscapes, exhilarating journeys, unspoiled local lifestyle & genuine cuisine – and yes, with the finest food & wine tastings.


Personalized, immersive trips where we handle all the planning and logistics, leaving you to have your mind blown. Let us bring you together with the amazing parts of the island, tell you stories, and let you dream.


Design your luxury Crete jeep safari tour here




Scroll down to get your fill of the Crete private uncharted escapes safaris. Designed by us, loved by you.

And we’ve tied them all together in a single helpful place.


Luxury Crete Safari Tours by Snami Travel

Olive Oil Tours & Wine Tasting in Chania | Lefka Ori (White Mountains) & Samaria Gorge Sightseeing | Falasarna & Elafonisi Beach | Balos Beach | Shore Excursions Chania Crete


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One Huge Adventure, Three Distinctive Chapters


Our favorite discovery safari Crete itineraries. Some ideas to get you started.

We design our trips with the assumption that a safari will mean many things to many different travelers. We are not prescriptive or restrictive. Whether you want to indulge in genuine flavors or escape to uncharted corners of the island.


We have hand-picked the best routes – Chania and Rethymno are among our favorites. We are here to help you craft your perfect jeep safari tours in Crete.


Chapter 1: For the Foodies & Wine-Lovers


Chania Luxuries: Secrets of Wine and Olive Oil Tastings


Sometimes the genuine cuisine of a destination is what sparks our travel curiosity the most.


Hop on your private jeep and let our Safari Experts whisk you across the magnificent landscapes and colorful villages of Chania, where the unspoiled local lifestyle is fueled with vibrant energy.


Visit Biolea Astrikas Estate in the village of Astrikasto to taste the finest Chania olive oil products that are exclusively estate-produced. Then excite your senses at the Winery of Karavitakis where the family’s legacy of producing intoxicating wines of Crete continues for 80 years now.


As you expedition across breathtaking gorges, Byzantine chapels, and panoramic getaways, don’t miss the chance to put your hand on the 3,000 years old Olive Tree of Vouves; probably one of the oldest olive trees in the world that still produces fruit today.


Have a traditional lunch at an authentic place where delicious flavors and aromas of Kreta cuisine will open new culinary horizons.


Fascinated with wine & olive oil tours in Chania? Let us take you there


Luxury Jeep Tour to Manousakis Vineyard & Winery


Perhaps, you dream about a complete wine-tasting immersion in Crete. And of course, the award-winning Manousakis winery in Chania is the right destination to make this dream happen.


Let our Safari Experts journey you to the alluring foothills of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains). Following an off-road scenic itinerary, at an altitude of 660 meters, you will discover the vineyards of Manousakis. As you reach the winery, indulge yourself in a sensory adventure filled with the scents of rosemary, thyme, sage, lavender, and chamomile that perfectly blend with the fresh salty air.


At the organic boutique winery that ultimately focuses on handcrafted wine, let our vintage artisans plunge you into the state-of-the-art wine production and incomparable tastes of Manousakis wines - Nostos Roussanne | Nostos Pink |Nostos Assyrtiko | Nostos Alexandra's | Nostos Syrah, and many more distinguished flavors.


Don’t miss the chance to combine a tasting with lunch or dinner at Manousakis restaurant. Have a nice dining table among olive trees and orange groves. Believe us, your appetite will peak in this wild peacefulness of the surroundings.


What’s more, we can also facilitate your private safari tour to the Manousakis estate with Cooking Lessons, a Sunset Vineyard Tour, and a Jewelry-Making workshop.


Make our Chania wine tour to Manousakis by luxury jeep safaris yours


Chapter 2: For the Curious & Other-Worldly Escapism Seekers


For the Wild Ones: The White Mountains & Samaria Gorge Tour Sightseeing


For those seeking wilderness, wildlife, and the great outdoors in their travels, we have the idyllic jeep adventure for you on Crete Island.


The great Lefka Ori (White Mountains) and Samaria Gorge. Places where Cretan wild nature outnumbers tourists countless times over. Here our Safari Experts have delved deep beneath the surface to bring you closer to the action than ever before.


Venture Southward among orange trees and golden olive groves, quintessential Chania paradises fueled with pure aromas and tastes. Discover quaint villages and track elusive off-road shepherd's paths as we take you into the heart of the White Mountains.


Somewhere between heaven and earth, at an altitude of 1680m, unearth the Kallergi Refuge. Capture breathtaking views of Samaria National Park at your fingertips and a glimpse of the Libyan Sea when looking towards the south. And remember to breathe deep as barely anyone will interrupt your view.


When reaching Omalos Plateau ask our insiders for some authentic lunch recommendations at delicious mountainous tavernas.


Inspired by Samaria National Park & Lefka Ori? Go deeper into the uncharted Crete here


The Essence of Authentic Crete Safari: Villages of Apokoronas & Profit Ilias


We can regret our regrets – the nagging voice of “I didn’t go” and “I wish I had”. Our advice is don’t hesitate and let yourself go in truly authentic experiences of Crete.


We have carefully designed this bespoke jeep safari trip to be taken all at once. Cretan village hopping. Unspoiled local lifestyle. Genuine flavors. Ancient temples. Off-the-map itineraries through the white mountains.


And the best part? We will take you to the shepherd’s hut “Mitato” as it is called in the Kreta dialect. At an altitude of 1300m, let our Safari Experts engage you with this ancient lifestyle that is crystallized by a pure life and archaic traditions. Not to mention the surrounding wilderness that speaks with emotions and vivid moments.


For a sublime end to this tailored expedition, let our experts spoil you with recommendations for an authentic lunch at the rustic family tavernas in the villages.


Ready to experience the adventure of emotions and the art of escapism?


Want to make this Crete safari tour yours? We will get you there


Chapter 3: For the Romantics & Laid-Back Explores


The “Just Wow” Trip: Balos Beach. A Lagoon For Bliss.


The premise of getting lost in Crete is simple. We will get you ‘lost’ in one of the world’s most spectacular and awe-inspiring seascapes.


Wild but with a soft heart. Hosting a palate of ever-changing blues. Perfectly mixing fossilized pink shells with soft white sands. And teeming with extraordinary wildlife. Balos Laguna is an unforgettable must.


The ultimate experience is to discover this Great Cretan Seascape on your own relaxation rhythm without being bonded to ferryboats. Let us take you along the off-road route of Gramvousa Peninsula. When the road ends, prepare to hike down to the mountainside until you reach the paradise of Balos Lagoon.


Now imagine yourself basking in the warm waters of heaven on earth. Not to mention how much your Instagram feed will be thanking you. This is your Balos escape. Dreamed by you, planned by us


Feeling brave? Start planning your Balos excursion safari here


The “Make Them Jealous” Trip: Elafonisi Island & Falasarna Beach


When it comes to dreaming up bucket-list-level excursions to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you would definitely imagine yourself getting very, very far away from it all. Let us inspire on this.


An islet for senses. Elafonisi is the apogee of island magic that is embraced by turquoise Cretan and Libyan waters. And for beach-hopping lovers, we are about to tailor this bespoke jeep tour with the mesmeric Falasarna beach that rightfully claims its distinguished beauty on Crete.


There is also something undeniably artistic as you venture from the south to the north, across the coastlines and ancient landscapes of Chania. Weathered ruins, untouched canyons, seclusive sanctuaries. More than just picturesque landscapes, you will discover a land that manifests the seventh heaven that takes your breath away at every sight.


Ready to get lost and find yourself on the beach paradises of Crete? And then we will help you find your way home again.


Start planning your private Jeep adventure to Elafonisi & Falasarna here


Luxury Island Safari Tours For Cruise Travelers in Crete


You know we can do everything with your valuable time on Crete Island. Especially, when it comes to cruise travelers.


Whether your cruise docks in Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion, or Agios Nikolaos port, let our Travel Designers manage the logistics of your Crete Jeep Safari adventure. From the moment you step out of the cruise getting straight into your premium air-conditioned landrover to the tailored details of your personalized itinerary.


A recipe, of sorts, for truly extraordinary travels - we can curate your experience as fast-paced or as slow as you like. All to make the most of every moment of your stay on Crete more uplifting, exciting, and invigorating than ever.


You would be hard-pressed to find a company that does it better than Snami Travel. Oh, and the best bit? You can select any route from the Three Chapters for your shore excursion. Cruise booked? Let’s safari.


Start planning a private jeep safari for your Crete shore excursions here


 Luxury Crete Safari Tours by Snami Travel

Olive Oil Tours & Wine Tasting in Chania | Lefka Ori (White Mountains) & Samaria Gorge Sightseeing | Falasarna & Elafonisi Beach | Balos Beach | Chania Shore Excursions


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Snami Travel is a fully licensed DMC, incorporated under the laws of the Hellenic Republic & having its offices at Analipsi of Hersonissos, Crete Greece.

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