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Glamour, grace, and a generous splash of timeless grandeur. This is a luxury collection of Mirabello, with its eclectic name given by the Venetians when they first encountered this otherworldly landscape and exclaimed "Look, beautiful!"


But what is Mirabello? It is a Gulf of unadulterated beauty nestled in the Eastern Crete corner and embraced by the wine-dark sea and hospitable locals, the Eteocretan (true Cretans) as Plato called them.


Lavish experiences abound on this idyllic retreat, as we whisk you around this ancient region by the comfort of a luxury chauffeured vehicle at your own pace. Breathe deep and luxuriate in your freedom. Let our top local insider connect you with the authentic local lifestyle on a village-hopping escape at the island’s eastern edge. Admire the geological wonders as you glide across crystalline panoramic seascapes fueled with ever-changing blue vistas.


Spoil yourself with distinct service and tailored details. Hop on a Greek fishing boat (traditional caique experience) to discover the glorious island-fortress of Spinalonga with its flawless fortification that spreads the essence of Venetian Rule, as we bring old-world stories back to life. Do not miss the chance to bask in the azure waters of the secluded sandy coves tucked under cave-studded mountains. Hop off in the picturesque village of Plaka to indulge in the abundant seafood tastes of the mouthwatering tavernas on the waterfront.


Revel in the endless panoramic scenes of Elounda's elite haven intermingled with the unbelievably eye-catching views of the archaic Minoan city Olous, as we chauffeur you to the iconic town of Agios Nikolaos. Pair up with your knowledgeable guide and amble the city’s streets that ooze aesthetic and chic vibe. Lose yourself in the splendor of the mythical lake and unwind at the finest wine-cocktail bars along with sensational cafés that complement the seaside city’s lifestyle.


By the end of the day, why not add more bespoke details to our itinerary? Uncover a multi-generational olive oil production estate and let our passionate producers immerse you into their traditional and modern techniques of producing delectable olive oil, which is rightfully claimed to be one of the best in Greece.


Have the inside track and let us unveil to you the true charm of the island that resonates within you and never leaves you.

  • Soak up the stunning getaway to Mirabello by a comfy luxurious vehicle at disposal and succumb to our impeccable service and local expertise
  • Visit a time-honored Byzantine monastery that symbolizes Cretan serenity and wrap around the surrounding olive-green landscapes
  • Village-hop your way along this all-embracing itinerary and acclimatize yourself to the Cretan lifestyle that shimmers all its enticing authenticity
  • Uncover the perfect peak of the mountainside to take in the bird’s eye views of Spinalonga and incomparable blue scenes of Mirabello
  • Together with your expert guide take a traditional Caique and sail to the island-fortress of Spinalonga and swim in the turquoise waters of the Gulf
  • Tuck into the scrumptious seafood cuisine of Plaka village in one of the rustic waterfront taverns
  • On the scenic road to Agios Nikolaos wallow in the superb panoramas of Elounda’s luxury resorts and the magnificence of the lost ancient cities
  • Share timeless moments in the emblematic town of Agios Nikolaos and unwind at its elegant wine-cocktail bars and cafés
  • Submerge in the mesmeric tastes of Crete by discovering a boutique olive oil production estate


Our favorite Cretan getaway: around Mirabello Gulf


Choose the preferable time of the day and meet our top local insider at your accommodation. Let us tailor the most exclusive and genuine way to encounter the utterly enchanting escape to the region of Mirabello from the comfort of a luxury chauffeured vehicle at your full-day disposal.


A blend of opulence and adventure, this region has everything for a relaxing and indulgent trip away, perfectly paired with our singular service and beyond-the-guidebook insider access. You can’t fail to be taken in by Mirabello’s allure. Just like that, it will have you hooked.


Panoramic Eastern edge lane: Mirabello through the eyes of the locals


Our discerning travelers always pursue to connect with Crete’s local lifestyle and its eternal authenticity. To capture the island’s spirit by truly emerging into the beauty and joy through places that represent them.


All to make the most of every moment, let’s make a stop at a storied Byzantine Monastery that exudes an everlasting calmness and serenity. Absorb all the fascinating native stories from your well-informed guide, whilst seduced by the panoramas of age-old olive groves that grow harmoniously next to vineyards as the abundant natural scents and mesmeric sounds simply ground your soul.


As we chauffeur you along the mountainous corners surrounded by breathtaking aerial views of the Gulf, plunge into an alluring village-hopping discovering Havgas, Kastelli, Fourni and Vroucha hamlets, each with unique values. This is where hospitable locals, archaic traditions, and unspoiled local lifestyle sparkle all the genuineness of this proud region of Crete.


Before our descending road to the village of Plaka, have the inside track to stopover at the highest spot by taking in the bird’s eye. Capture mesmerizing vistas of the glorious island-fortress Spinalonga embraced by the sapphire blue waters of Mirabello Gulf and spend time soaking in the bottomless horizon as this feeling produces greatness.


For enriching, enhancing, and inspiring: Spinalonga traditional Caique experience and flavors of Plaka


Touch down in the picturesque village of Plaka, one of our all-time favorite destinations, to discover an enchanting world where illustrious culture still lives on. Pair up with your local insider in the small fishing harbor and hop on a Greek fishing boat that will take you to Spinalonga, which inspired Victoria Hislop to write her best-selling book “The Island”.


Step foot on the soils of the archaic islet that Minoans once stood upon when it was a stronghold of Olounites to protect the prehistoric city Olous. As you wander one of the most important remaining strongholds in the Mediterranean that the Venetians built here, stimulate yourself by our eclectic information and the fortification aesthetics designed by Genese Bressani and Latino Orsini. Just imagine standing on the highest peak of the walls marveling at the unsurpassed beauty of the whole seascape as your imagination dances along the infinite blue horizon.


How about some more handcrafted details? Within a short distance from the Island, there are hidden small beach paradises. Let our captain unveil you one of the seductive sandy coves which are nestled under the magnificent mountains of Mirabello. Take a vitalizing dip in the azure warm waters of the Gulf and enjoy untouched sea-side access.


Fully rejuvenated but surely hungry, hop off again in the fishing village of Plaka. Stroll the cobblestone alleyways with their stone houses and let your appetite peak as you indulge in the appetizing scents of fresh grilled fish and shellfish prepared to perfection in the scrumptious taverns on the waterfront. With incomparable views around you as the warm salty breeze tranquilize your mind, have a glass of award-winning Cretan wine and lose yourself in the irresistible riches of the sea cooked with authenticity, creativity, and masterful execution in every bite.


Mirabella gem: quintessential Agios Nikolaos town


As we chauffeur you to the town of Agios Nikolaos, bask in the charming elegance of Elounda. Wallow in the all-embracing views of luxury beachfront resorts, five-star boutique hotels, and high-end villas. Truly, everything is perfectly in tune with the splendid nature of Mirabello to leave you breathless and stimulated to share.


When in Agios Nikolaos, let our local insider take you for a walk in this cosmopolitan seaside town with an enticing splendor that once captivated cinema icons, Jules Dassin and Walt Disney. Delight in scenes of the city that was settled in the Late Bronze Age by Dorians and sits partially upon the ruins of the great city of Lato pros Kamara. Amble the atmospheric streets that host boutique shops with Byzantine jewelry and pottery inspired by local history, colorful food shops, and religious antiquated monuments. Discover the town’s jewel mythical lake Voulismeni, the beloved bathing place of goddesses Athena and Artemis.


Why not unwind at the town’s wine and signature cocktail bars? Unpack new drink trends with unforgettable delicious experiences as you luxuriate in the glamorous and most Instagrammable towns in Crete.


Cretan gold: family olive oil estate


By the end of the day, let us curate some more Cretan genuine experiences in this itinerary. Visit a family-owned boutique olive oil production estate and let our passionate Cretan olive oil producers create for you memories packed with flavors, images, aromas, and an element of fulfillment. Share intimate moments to learn about the Cretan dense gold-green olive that gracefully represents the abundance of this island


From its extraordinary landscape and everlasting culture to its legendary food and village life, Mirabello majestically captures the soul of Crete. A destination that will truly inspire, energize, intrigue, and amaze.

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