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Many words have described the island of Crete, but for us is excitement. The island is big and free with generosity –  as the sea is joyously warm, olive orchards & vineyards stretch towards the horizon, and calming energy transcends from the ancient stones.

Amazingly, the Cretan cuisine with flavors from antiquity brings together the best Greek food with dishes known and loved by our legendary forefathers, while the Cretan lifestyle mixes the ancient world with modern-day luxury and colors everything with its unique vibe.

Our team of local travel designers is constantly curating our handpicked portfolio of top Cretan restaurants, genuine family tavernas, and the best beach bars to immerse you into the true charm of the island that resonates within you and never leaves you.

Let us inspire you with our collection.

Crete Best Restaurants by Snami Travel

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Mirabello Luxuries: Elounda & Agios Nikolaos

Taverna Giorgos (JIOVANNI’S)

Food, for Cretans, is the allure for everything they hold dear and a commitment to enjoying life. On the sea rocks of Plaka village, the Taverna offers everything the water has to offer. You’ll succumb to the irresistible riches of the sea, freshly caught fish and shellfish prepared to perfection. 

With incomparable views around you as the warm salty breeze tranquilize your mind, have a glass of award-winning Cretan wine and lose yourself in the scrumptious flavors cooked with authenticity, creativity, and masterful execution in every bite.

Kanali Ouzeri & Taverna

Located at otherwordly picturesque position next to the sunken ancient city of Olous, and the later canal from where it takes its name, Kanali serves elegant updates of Greek staples. Wooden furniture and an old stone building dressed with bold prints and lanterns lend it a shabby-chic air that would grace the seasides of Mykonos or Santorini. Fish is the main event, often simply grilled and always impeccably sourced.

It may be little more than a beach shack dressed up in Gucci but the kitchen really delivers—a humble lunch here of salad, sardines, and a glass of wine can be a sublime experience, a world away from the nearby resort offerings.

Migomis Piano Restaurant

Clinging to the cliff above the lake, this restaurant offers some of the best views in Agios Nikolaos town. Food is on a par, too: Mediterranean-inspired dishes accompany Greek classics, and the steaks are rightly famous. It’s set in a building from the 1890s, and a piano player complements the atmosphere with a repertoire of classics.

Mountainous Fertile Lassithi

Halavro Kuzina

Cretan food expresses joy by assembling a mosaic of delicious flavors; shepherds’ dakos, a brown barley rusk slathered with dense gold-green olive oil and foamy tomato pulp, abundant species of horta that are used by the local cooks, stuffed grape leaves, creamy tzatziki, perfectly fried vegetables, peasant omelettes, regional meats enlivened by splashes of lemon, cinnamon-spiked stifado with beef and onions, thin pasta cooked in potent goat broth and scattered with anthotiro, and salt from the ubiquitous Cretan sea.

Inspired? Ask us for a perfect Lassithi Plateau private day tour and immerse into genuine flavors.

Cosmopolitan Heraklion

Beachcomber Bar Restaurant

A recent newcomer to the Cretan beach bar-restaurant scene, Beachcomber is replacing what was once pristine beach space on an otherwise serene beach. Some regulars mourn the old Stalis relaxed vibe, while others embrace this new beach club with all its glitzy glory. Think Dubai on the Med. Comfy beach beds, a delicious restaurant, and a relaxed signature cocktail bar – all the services and amenities you could ask for. And the music starts pumping early on, giving this beach a party feels all day long.

Cicada Seascape Experience

A boho-chic haven for Mediterranean cuisine with a contemporary twist, featuring signature cocktails & the sweet sounds of the Cretan sea. Earthy tones, chilled-out vibes & big blue skies await your eyes.

The gastronomic profile of Cicada is international yet rooted in the modern Mediterranean. Bringing together the natural bounties of the Cretan landscape, the culinary vision is based on bold flavors, locally grown ingredients, and fresh produce. From Cicada Restaurant to Cicada Sushi, guests embark on a refined and delicious sensory journey.

Infused with the heady aromas of the Cretan landscape, Cicada Lounge Bar is a breezy retreat for al-fresco relaxation, premium cocktails, and exclusive Shisha options. Illuminated by the sun trickling through burlap canopies, raw materials & organic architecture create a naturally chilled-out lounge area.

Manitu Sunset Bliss

One of the top Heraklion city bars to offer a sunset party scene to experience the atmospheric gastronomy approach of a boho sunset. When the sun is about to fall and the night rises it is time for a refreshing cocktail. Indulge, and let the music speak in your heart!

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a table in high season, so book in advance or add your name to the list once you arrive at Heraklion.

Peskesi Restaurant

Peskesi is an effort to discover the secrets and enjoy the benefits of the Cretan Diet. An exceptional cuisine that is based on pure and natural products of the Cretan land and the aim is to highlight the traditional Cretan aromas and flavors that have been forgotten.

All in all, Peskesi is a traditional “Cretan House” in the center of Heraklion, in the restored historical mansion of captain Polyxigkis, an aesthetically outstanding place with a modern way of operation that fully reflects the high standards we had set right up from the start. This high aesthetic value has ranked Peskesi among the 80 best Bar-Restaurants of the world and in the top 10 restaurants in Europe during the “Restaurant & Bar Design Awards”, the world’s only event dedicated exclusively to the design of food and drink spaces.

Venetian Rethymno

Avli Rustic Fine Dining Restaurant

Embark on an enchanting journey in the heart of Rethymno in a magnificent 16th century Venetian villa.

A cluster of beautifully renovated Venetian dwellings in Rethymno’s old town, Avli comprises a world-renowned restaurant, ten luxurious suites, an enticing wine cellar, and a traditional products shop.

Avli was established in 1987 by Katerina Xekalou, a pioneer of the Cretan hospitality industry, whose vision was to create a fine restaurant and hotel immersed in Rethymno’s history, inspired by her memories of childhood, and infused with the essence of Cretan life. And at the heart of the concept was a courtyard…

Yialos Wine Restaurant

At the edge of the city, the refurbished Yialos wine restaurant, in a cozy and welcoming seaside location, welcomes you from morning till late at night to enjoy a range of flavors in a gourmet tasting tour.

Dishes, inspired by the gastronomic tradition of Crete and the rest of Greece, as well as small flavor touches of the Mediterranean, combined with exceptional raw materials picked carefully by the Yialos cooking team, through a gastronomic rambling not only all over Greece but also in countries such as Italy, Spain, Peru, and Mexico.

Amvrakikos prawns, Libyan fish, black garlic, Aeginitic pistachios of the Petra family, the black pig from the Saravas farm, the wild garlic (arkoudoskordo) rich in ten times the benefits of the ordinary garlic, the Cretan cave-aged gruyere cheese, the San Mihalis cheese of Syros, the phyllo dough Hatziparaschos, the mullet bottagra of Stefos, the curacao pearls, the rich variety of mushrooms collected all over the Mediterranean, Costis’ urban lamb sausage, lambs grown in the mountains and the Madaryan oregano are some of the products of our delicious flavor pallet that you can taste and see in the showcase.

Charming Chania

 Pallas Restaurant

The building that houses PALLAS is, truly, a living piece of the history of Chania. Located in one of the nicest parts of town, it was built in 1830, was home to Ali Pasha, served as customs, and was part of the historic area called Piazza Magazine.

PALLAS boasts modern, quirky styles that are characterized by bright areas with sofas, wooden tables and bars, and a luxurious sense of comfort.

Fresh, traditional Cretan products are the heart of PALLAS’s cuisine and have become the basis for creating dishes with a modern Mediterranean twist. And here, all tastes are catered for! Whether you prefer a hearty, local flavor with fresh, local meats, light, tasty vegetables, shellfish, and fresh fish or delicious beans, wholemeal pasta, and carefully chosen products from Italy, the culinary choices will excite you!

Gramboussa Restaurant

Blessed land, with authentic people & villages that follow their own way of life-preserving the tradition, the language, and the customs.

One could say that Gramvousa is the ideal destination for someone who wants to get to know nature & tradition! Yes, he can get to know the tradition, through the Cretan cuisine, through the love & passion for the cultivation of our land but also through our love for daily engagement and approach to anything that has to do with the pure & absolutely rich in local derivative ingredients.

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Snami Travel is a fully licensed DMC, incorporated under the laws of the Hellenic Republic & having its offices at Analipsi of Hersonissos, Crete, Greece.

Company Registration No 1039E60000111001 & VAT EL800554594.