Crete Island Greece – the Safest Destination for Summer 2020

Greece that we all love…

The experience of island-hopping across the archipelagoes of Greece is unrivaled. Deck, sun-set, sun-rise, a private chef, a glass of something. And then you slip – hardly breaking the surface – into the warm blue of the Aegean. It is a hard thing to give up!



What is Crete known for?

Crete is a glorious island with myriads of places to explore and a plethora of things to experience. An island to discover a sense of escapism that many forget it does so well. A place to disappear for an hour, a day or even a week, only to re-emerge with a subtle bronze to your skin and calmness of being.



Is Crete worth visiting?

No doubt! Even now after the Covid-19 health crisis, and as soon as the tourism and travel industry will bounce back, the island of Crete is considered to be the number 1 destination for all travellers around the globe. Furthermore, we all should take into serious consideration that Greece has achieved to maintain the lowest number of cases worldwide. Not to mention that Crete island is considered to be one of the safest zones.


What food do they eat in Crete?

The locals were always using the purest ingredients in their cooking throughout the centuries. Connect with the meaning of Cretan “philoxenia” (hospitality) and realize why the locals have no idea about industrial junk food.



Is Crete better than Santorini?


Let us put in this way:


  • LOCAL LIFESTYLE – Soak up the beauty and the authentic local lifestyle of Crete island which is basked in chic luxury amid beautiful nature sights without the hype and mass of tourists.


  • CULTURE – Crete is an island destination that never fails to remind us of what we love about the Greek island culture. It’s an irresistible combination of al-fresco tavernas, breathtaking archaeological sites, bright blue waters, and an unspoiled authentic Cretan lifestyle.


  • HISTORY – Experience the world-famous archaeological sites of Crete island. Receive skip-the-line accesses in all archaeological areas, key pieces of information and extra-personalized attention with ultimate comfort and style.


  • STUNNING ESCAPES – Get acquainted with the vivid feeling that the sea is everywhere, even when it’s not visible. Connect with insularity: simple and healthy way of life and connection with something archaic which remains in everyday life.