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Private Experience of Balos Lagoon

Private Balos Lagoon experience on a Chauffeured Tour Transfer or Chauffeured Jeep Tour basis. Interesting full-day private tour solutions by Snami Travel!... MORE

Experience Economy & Personalized Travel

Experience Economy in Travel Industry. A new insight of new generation of travelers and what the seek for their holidays. Vacations' personalization approach.... MORE

Anogia Village – Cretan Authentic Experiences

A Cretan Authentic Experience in the traditional village of Anogeia, which is famous for its history and culture, as well as the formation of an alternative form of travel. Not to mention of course its unique Cretan "Antikristo" lamp dishes!... MORE

New Global Luxury Trend – Personalized Travel & Bespoke Experiences

In the light of this reality, Greece is this unique product and a great experience. But not in terms of past exploitation. It is a destination that can be considered a sustainable tourism experience, with much respect for the environment and culture.... MORE

Bokun B2B Platform Push Travel Industry Towards Sharing Economies

In our fast-changing world ever thing reshapes! Not to mention that the skyrocketing trend of sharing economies is just another burst of our modern world's evolution! Consequently, Travel Industry steps towards this modernization.... MORE

Trends in Global Luxury Travel Industry and Greece for 2019

Luxury trends in 2019 and beyond. Greece luxury holidays. Luxury travel industry in Greece. Luxury island hoping in Crete, Santorini, Mykonos and more!... MORE

This is how it looks like the exclusive Presidential Villa WaterFront of Elounda Beach Hotel & Villa

This luxury accommodation has a unique seafront location, thus our guests will enjoy the sense of relaxation in their own Cretan paradise with exceptional ultra-personalized service.... MORE

Greek PM meets Cypriot and Egyptian leaders in Elounda, Crete

The heads of state of Greece, Cyprus, and Egypt met at the Aegean Conference Centre of our strategic partner Elounda SA, at Porto Elounda Golf & Spa Resort on the 10th of October of 2019.... MORE

Luxury Lifestyle Travel in the age of digitization

If we look at print media in the past decade, we find the words “luxury” and “lifestyle” appearing together more frequently than ever before.... MORE

Tailor-made Greek Holidays – Another Dimension Of Luxury Lifestyle!

Any traveler, from any age group, when considering a destination to visit, Greece is one of their first thoughts.... MORE