Bokun B2B Platform Push Travel Industry Towards Sharing Economies

What is the Bokun Software?


Bokun is a software platform where all tourism suppliers/operators (accommodation, transportation, car rental, tour and activity providers) and re-sellers (partner tourism operators, travel agents, DMO’s, OTA’s and Tour operators) can connect to:


Sell their own products both on their existing website and at the front desk- up to date availability calendars in real time, simple to set up and manage, no IT required.


Sell the products of others with real-time inventory and availability – no more emails, allotments or handshake agreements for commissions.


Manage their day to day business operations. – extensive daily reporting and management tools.


How Bokun emerged?


A day after Booking Holdings announced it was buying tours and activities tech provider FareHarbor, TripAdvisor answered the challenge as it announced that it, too, entered that connectivity space with the acquisition of Iceland’s Bokun.


TripAdvisor did not reveal the terms of the deal, which closed in the last 24 hours. A spokeswoman said TripAdvisor plans to expand the roughly 20-member Bokun team.


Until now, TripAdvisor’s Experiences unit relied on third-party integrators such as FareHarbor, Peek, and Bokun, which has been working with TripAdvisor since 2016, to connect tour suppliers to its platform, but now it will be able to handle booking, inventory management, and tour operations through its in-house tech company. Bokun, founded in 2012, has a dominant presence among tour companies in Iceland, and also has a customer base beyond the country, as well.


How Bokun can be exploited?


Bokun is designed for the small business operator. It is simple to learn and use, inexpensive and can streamline operations and help you to grow your business by creating more distribution partnerships. Bokun is a flat subscription of $100/month. No Commissions, No Set-Up Fees, No Contract; and you can hibernate it in the offseason with No Charge.


In Iceland, over 800 Tourism suppliers and Tourism Resellers are connected, cross-selling for each other with real-time access to each other’s availability and the result has been tremendous growth, year over year for their own businesses as well as growth in terms of revenues, visitation, and length of stay for their destination. Plus it takes online waivers and any additional specific information required.

Will the Luxury Travel be enhanced by Bokun?


In our fast-changing world ever thing reshapes! Not to mention that the skyrocketing trend of sharing economies is just another burst of our modern world’s evolution! Consequently, Travel Industry steps towards this modernization.


We firmly believe that our Luxury Travel segment will be enhanced by these trails since as any service sector demands more and more channels to be distributed to its customers. However, the quality measure button hasn’t been invented yet, so the responsibility falls on the customers and companies shoulders.